Instant Answers AI

Instant Answers AI is a website that provides a platform for creating custom AI chatbots. Users train the chatbot by uploading content or inputting a website URL to gather necessary information for the building.

Integration options like floating chat bubbles or iframes enable easy embedding into websites without any coding skills. Chatbot appearance is customizable, allowing users to match brand colors and styles for brand identity reinforcement.

Instant Answers AI

The accuracy of the chatbot depends on the quality and relevance of the provided data for training. Users can train chatbots using multiple documents or websites by uploading each source separately.

A free trial with limited data capacity is available for users to create and test chatbots, with options to upgrade for more features and data capacity.

Key Features Of Instant Answers AI

  • Instant Answers AI lets you create a custom chatbot trained on your content to provide real-time responses to users on your website.
  • Easily embed the chatbot on your website to offer instant support and answer any questions related to your content.
  • Improve your processes and customer experience by integrating an AI assistant trained on your specific data.
  • Available as a desktop app for Mac, Windows, and Linux for convenient access.
  • Instantly train your chatbot by uploading content or entering a website URL, streamlining the process in just minutes.
  • Gain insights into chatbot interactions, identify trends, and export conversation data for in-depth analysis and optimization.
  • Access multilingual support, allowing your chatbot to assist users in multiple languages, catering to diverse audiences worldwide.

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