RightJoin AI

RightJoin AI is an AI interviewing platform that uses autonomous AI agents for conducting job interviews. It caters to companies who spend tens of hours manually screening and interviewing candidates as well as job seekers who need interviewing practice.

Users receive instant feedback and detailed performance reports on their answers and overall performance.

They can retake interviews to boost confidence and achieve their interview objectives. RightJoin AI allows users to set goals, such as improving certain skills or storytelling abilities, to better prepare for interviews.

Getting started is easy: users create a profile, set up interviews and either invite applicants do take mock interviews themselves. Interviews can be tailored to specific job postings, topic or skills.

RightJoin AI

Key Features Of RightJoin AI

  • AI-Powered Voice Interviews: Unlike traditional one-way interviews, RightJoin.co’s AI can engage with candidates, allowing for interruptions, clarifications, and follow-up questions, mimicking a real interview experience.
  • Personal AI Interview Coach: RightJoin AI offers a personal AI coach that helps candidates sharpen their responses, refine their communication style, and boost their confidence for job interviews.
  • Coaching Services for Businesses: RightJoin.co provides solutions for coaching businesses to leverage AI mock interviews and improve their services.
  • Efficient Screening: The platform is designed to provide an efficient screening process for hiring teams, allowing them to evaluate candidates more effectively.
  • Blog and Resources: RightJoin AI offers a blog and other resources to introduce its features and provide updates on its offerings.
  • Different interview formats: Options include prescreening, technical, behavioral, and case studies, allowing candidates to practice various scenarios.
  • Candidate profile creation: Users establish profiles to schedule interviews, face AI interviewers, and receive comprehensive performance evaluations.
  • Iterative process: Users repeat the practice until confident in real interview situations, refining skills and boosting readiness.

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