Human or Not: AI Powered Social Turing Game

Human or Not is an interactive game where you’re paired with either a potential human or an AI bot. The main goal of the game is to figure out if your conversation partner is a human or an AI bot within a two-minute timeframe.


Play a super fun chat roulette game! Try to figure out if you’re talking to a human or an AI bot. Do you think you can spot who’s who?

Key Features Of Human or Not

  • Two-minute interactive chat sessions.
  • Option to share completed chats with friends for them to guess as well.
  • Challenge yourself to discern between human and AI conversations.
  • Experience diverse interactions, akin to chatroulette, with either
    AIs or humans.

Demos Of HumanOrNot

ai or human game
humanornot game
Play Human or Not

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