Midjourney Browser Version Now Available For These Users

Midjourney has launched an alpha version of its web browser platform, transitioning from its previous Discord-only model to cater to a wider user base seeking image crafting convenience directly within web browsers.

midjourney browser version

You can try and watch the demo video given here. The initial release of the web version is exclusive to the “5,000 Club,” comprising prolific users who have created over 5,000 images each, rewarding them with early access to new features, ensuring a well-tested experience for future users.

The web interface prioritizes user experience with a sleek design and intuitive features, including a dark mode option for reduced eye strain and enhanced focus, along with organizational tools for efficient image management.

Users gain enhanced control over the image creation process with customizable settings for dimensions, aspect ratios, and more, accommodating various artistic workflows from quick sketches to detailed artwork.

Midjourney introduces sliders for adjusting stylization, weirdness, and variety, enabling artists to fine-tune their creations for unique and personalized artwork, showcasing the platform’s commitment to supporting artistic expression.

The platform’s explore section enables community interaction by allowing users to browse and draw inspiration from a collection of impressive images crafted by peers, creating a collaborative atmosphere for sharing ideas and techniques.

Advanced editing features such as creating variations, upscaling images for enhanced resolution, and detailed pan and zoom functions cater to artists striving for precision and detail in their digital masterpieces.

New Features In Midjourney Browser Version:

  • Bigger image grids – Ability to generate more than 4 images at once
  • Higher resolution – Increased image resolution expected
  • More AI knowledge – Improved knowledge of world events, people, places, etc.
  • Longer prompts – Support for more detailed and longer prompts
  • Drawing text – Adding text elements natively into images
  • Upscalers – New upscaler versions coming soon, one subtle and one more creative
  • 3D generation – Rumors of future 3D generation capabilities
  • Video generation – Expect updates to video generation in the next 6 months

Other Development Related To Midjourney Web Version:

  • Standalone browser version – Detaching Midjourney from Discord into its own browser app
  • Mobile app – Midjourney app in development
  • Competition from Adobe – Adobe focusing more on AI capabilities now
  • User interface improvements – Better ways to organize images like folders and tags planned
  • Third-party storage syncing – Potential integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Philosophy and vision – Founders motivated by creativity over money, aiming to improve the world
  • Estimated release of V6 – Potentially end of November 2022 or early December
YouTube video

Midjourney’s expansion into the web browser territory aims to captivate a wider audience of digital artists globally, positioning itself as a central hub for digital art creation with innovative solutions meeting the needs of creators.

The alpha launch of Midjourney’s web browser version signifies a significant milestone, offering exclusive access to active users and enhancing the overall user experience with advanced customization tools, hardening its position as a key player in the digital art space.

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