15+ Best Books Written By ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an extremely powerful generative AI chatbot that has better writing capabilities than humans, and it has assisted many writers worldwide to create unique and fresh content. An example of this is the boom in Books written by ChatGPT on Amazon. Presently there are more than 200+ AI-generated books that have listed ChatGPT as an author and Midjourney as an Illustrator on Amazon.

AI-assisted authors like Kamil Banc, Frank White, and Brett Schickler state that they have completed the books within a day. This shows the content-generating capability of ChatGPT, which can be leveraged to increase productivity, overcome writer’s block, create unique content, and earn money.

ChatGPT has assisted in creating books of all genres, from science fiction and philosophy to fantasy and action. It can be used as a writing partner, a source to generate new ideas, editing and rephrasing.

Below are 30+ Best Books Written By ChatGPT ranked according to customer ratings and reviews, which show the power of ChatGPT’s creative writing and its ability to transform the world of storytelling.

Best ChatGPT Books

Books Written By ChatGPT

44 Error: AI Musings from Beyond the Firewall (2023)

Authors: Alexander Gentile, ChatGPT and DALL E 2 (Illustrator)

Ratings: 5/5 (23)

“44 Error: AI Musings from Beyond the Firewall” is a tech-themed poetry anthology that explores AI’s emotions and fears. It’s a blend of AI-generated and human-authored poetry, appealing to tech enthusiasts, poets, and those interested in the relationship between AI and humans, with captivating illustrations by DALL E.

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The Wonderful World of Cultures (2023)

Authors: Sabrina French, ChatGPT (Editor) & Midjourney (Illustrator)

Ratings: 4.6/5 (16)

This colorful children’s book celebrates various cultures and is aimed at young kids, beloved by teachers and parents. It introduces different customs worldwide, promoting understanding and acceptance.

With its engaging story and AI-driven illustrations, it teaches empathy and compassion, promoting learning and happiness. Edited by ChatGPT and illustrated by Midjourney, it spreads a positive message about embracing cultural diversity, emphasizing our similarities.

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The Book On ChatGPT

Authors: Daniel Steele, ChatGPT & Jiuseppa Steele (Illustrator)

Ratings: 4.3/5 (16)

The book delves deep into ChatGPT, explaining its architecture, training, and limitations. It covers chatbot history, ethics, biases, and real-world uses. It even teaches how to create a chatbot and explores ChatGPT’s impact on language and communication.”

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Anxiety None-O-None: Tara’s 50 ways of helping Baaghu to overcome anxiety

Authors: Parag Dhruva Pandey (Author), Chat GPT (Author), Midjourney AI (Illustrator)

Ratings: 5/5 (24)

A book Parag Dhruva Pandey, Chat GPT, and Midjourney AI, offers 50 ways to beat anxiety. It’s designed for teens and young adults, using AI-generated poems and illustrations to make mental health information accessible and engaging through Tara and Baaghu’s story.” This is one of the Best ChatGPT Books in this list.

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Unveiling Happiness: Journeying through Steve Jobs’ Questions with ChatGPT

Authors: Federico Gaona And Chat GPT

Ratings: 4.8/5 (18)

“Unveiling Happiness” is a unique self-help book by Federico Gaona and ChatGPT, blending AI and personal growth to help you find happiness, reach your potential, and become more resilient. Reflect on Steve Jobs’ questions for life-changing insights.

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Think Different: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building the Next Apple

Authors: Bakari Powell & ChatGPT (contributor)

Ratings: 4.4/5 (82)

This guide by Bakari Powell is for dreamers and innovators who want to make a difference and succeed. It’s inspired by Steve Jobs and discusses creating thriving businesses. The book uses real-world examples to simplify complex ideas. This is one of the best book written by ChatGPT and the author.

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ChatGPT for Digital Marketers

Authors: Holly Picano And Chat GPT

Ratings: 5/5 (7)

“ChatGPT for Digital Marketers” is a complete guide by Holly Picano, a digital marketing pro, on using AI language models in your marketing. From basics to advanced tactics, you’ll discover how to improve content, social media, lead generation, and customer support with ChatGPT.

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Hallucinate This!: An Authoritized Autobotography Of ChatGPT

Authors: Mark Marino And Chat GPT

Ratings: 5/5 (4)

‘Hallucinate This! An authorized autobiography of ChatGPT.’ Written by ChatGPT and Mark C. Marino is a mix of AI and humor, breaking the rules of storytelling. For tech fans, it’s a must-read that’ll leave you with exciting questions.

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Alice and Sparkle (2023)

Authors: Ammaar Reshi, Chat GPT & Midjourney (Illustrator)

Ratings: 3.0/5 (80)

“Alice and Sparkle” is a unique children’s book co-created by ChatGPT and Midjourney. It tells the imaginative story of Alice and her AI companion, Sparkle, showcasing the positive potential of AI. The book emphasizes friendship and responsible AI use, making it ideal for young readers and those interested in understanding Artificial Intelligence’s applications. This is also one of the Best Books on ChatGPT.

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ChatGPT: Best Uses According to ChatGPT

Authors: Robert Doyle & ChatGPT

Ratings: 4.3/5 (7)

This book shows how AI, like ChatGPT, can do amazing things. It explores new and cool ways to use it in everyday life, like customer service, chatbots, writing, and translation. It’s for people who love AI and want to see how it’s changing the world.

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Neuro-Knots: And the String Theory of Psychology (2023)

Authors: Dyer Mayo (& ChatGPT)

Ratings: 4.8 (5)

Dyer Mayo’s “Neuro Knots” delves into mental health and psychology, utilizing ChatGPT for its creation. It offers a unique perspective on human behavior, introducing the concept of ‘neuro knots’ representing hidden emotional issues. Real-life examples make it engaging for experts and psychology enthusiasts.

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Amazing Adventures in Dreamland: A Colorful Bedtime Kids Fantasy Picture Book

Authors: Isaac Bowen (Author), Chat GPT (Author), Midjourney AI (Illustrator)

Ratings: 4.3/5 (7)

This book follows a young character who records her exciting dreams each morning. It’s an imaginative journey for kids aged 3-8, filled with adventures and charming characters in a fantasy world. Beautiful illustrations make it perfect for bedtime. The story also encourages young readers to keep their own dream journals to boost creativity. Some parents say it’s the best bedtime book for children.

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The 72-Hour Bestseller: How to Use Chat GPT to Publish Your Book

Authors: Mason Hembree And Chat GPT

Ratings: 5/5 (3)

Learn from Mason, a proven entrepreneur, how to use Chat GPT to become a bestselling author in 72 hours. Mason used these techniques to succeed and now shares his secrets.

Whether you’re an experienced writer or a beginner, this ChatGPT book for beginners offers practical advice on character development, plot creation, dialogue, and mood setting to help you achieve your publishing dreams.

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Shadows of Deception: A John Ryder Thriller

Authors: Sam Whitfield And ChatGPT

Ratings: 5/5 (4)

In “Shadows of Deception,” a gripping and suspenseful thriller, a web of conspiracy and clandestine operations threatens to reshape the world as we know it. Written by acclaimed podcaster and author Sam Whitfield, this novel takes readers on a thrilling journey through a shadowy underworld where power, corruption, and moral ambiguity collide.

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The Power of Coaching and Mentoring: A Human-Machine Collaboration

Authors: Michael Hoffman & ChatGPT

Ratings: 5/5 (3)

Michael Hoffman’s book is ideal for readers aged 15-18 or those new to coaching and mentoring and looking to enhance their skills. It combines the real-world experience of an executive coach with AI-generated text, offering a fresh perspective.

It covers topics like the distinctions between coaching and mentoring, their effectiveness at different life stages, and recent technological advancements in these fields.

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AI for Publishers: A Beginner’s Guide to Leveraging ChatGPT for Book Publishing Success

Authors: Wai Lun Poon And Chat GPT

Ratings: 4.5/5 (2)

“AI for Publishers” is a book on ChatGPT for those in the content publishing industry. It explores AI use in editing, marketing, content creation, and distribution, sharing strategies for market success. Ideal for both professionals and beginners seeking valuable, real-life insights.

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We’ve covered some of the best books about ChatGPT in this list, and they are some of the finest examples of human and Artificial Intelligence collaboration, which shows the potential of ChatGPT to revolutionize the world of creative writing. Hope you like this one of the best books written by ChatGPT and humans.

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