Tom Brady Takes Legal Action Against AI Special: Comedians Forced to Remove Video Amidst Controversy

Tom Brady was apparently not amused by an AI-generated comedy special created about him. The viral, hour-long video featured an animated version of the NFL legend telling crude jokes in a stand-up format. However, according to the comedians involved in its creation, TB12 threatened legal action over the video just days after it was posted, resulting in its removal from the internet this week.

During Tuesday’s “Dudesy” podcast, Will Sasso and Chad Kultgen shed some light on the situation. They revealed that shortly after uploading the fake Brady comedy special on their Patreon page earlier this month, they received a cease and desist letter from the G.O.A.T.’s attorneys.

According to the comedians, Brady’s lawyers claimed that the AI version of the future Hall of Famer “blatantly violates” the former quarterback’s “rights.” The lawyers demanded that the video be taken down, and a list of demands met; otherwise, they threatened to sue.

tom brady ai special video removed

Sasso and Kultgen expressed their skepticism about the legitimacy of the claims made by Brady’s legal team on their podcast. They questioned how the AI-generated comedy differed from live comedians impersonating celebrities on shows like “Saturday Night Live.” Nevertheless, they complied with the demands made by Brady’s lawyers.

The comedians stated they removed the comedy special from their Patreon page at midnight on Tuesday. They also noted that this situation would not deter them from pursuing AI comedy in the future, and they even hinted at the possibility of creating a comedy special featuring President Joe Biden.

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