OpenAI Names Srinivas Narayanan As New VP Of Engineering

Srinivas Narayanan has been named as the new Vice-President of Engineering at OpenAI. Before this appointment, he was the VP of Engineering at Meta, formerly known as Facebook.

openai new vp

In a LinkedIn post, Narayanan expressed his excitement to join OpenAI and work with its exceptional team.

During his more than 13-year tenure at Meta, Narayanan spearheaded extensive research in various domains, including computer vision, natural language processing, speech, and personalization. This research aimed to enhance the state-of-the-art in AI and drive the development of advanced Meta products.

In addition to his role in advanced research, Narayanan led numerous significant initiatives at Meta, including creating the interest graph, implementing the location product, and overseeing engineering for photos. During his tenure, he was also instrumental in launching Meta’s ventures in computer vision and deep learning.

Before joining Meta, Narayanan co-founded Viralizr, a startup focused on creating consumer products through social collaboration. He also worked as a software engineer at IBM for roughly three years.

It’s worth noting that Narayanan is not the first top talent from big tech to join OpenAI. In the past, Google AI researchers such as Hyung Won Chung, Jason Wei, and Shane Gu have also joined the organization.

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