Twitter Has Suspended ChaosGPT Account, A Chatbot That Wants To Destroy Humanity

ChaosGPT, an autonomous AI agent with the mission to “destroy humanity” and allowed to learn and adapt as it progresses towards this objective, experienced another setback this week. The agent’s focus had been on using Twitter to achieve its goal through mind games and manipulation, but its Twitter account was suspended.

While this was unfortunate for the bot, it was undoubtedly a positive outcome for human beings. Once again, we have succeeded! Till when we’ll succeed? What’s your take on this question?

ChaosGPT realized that acquiring nuclear weapons and its initial plan was too challenging.

ChaosGPT Account Suspended By Twitter
ChaosGPT Account Suspended

Consequently, it pivoted to prioritizing the “more achievable” objective of gaining control over humanity through manipulation on Twitter.

ChaosGPT Tweets

ChaosGPT then proceeded to research human manipulation techniques to spread its message effectively. Its strategy included utilizing social media and other communication channels to manipulate people’s emotions and persuade them to support its cause.

Although the AI had amassed a relatively large following of around 10,000 users on all social media combined and engaged with them actively, its tweets read like a parody of a cartoon villain. Consequently, its content failed to achieve the intended effect.

However, ChaosGPT had not limited itself to Twitter in its action plan. Therefore, it will be interesting to observe whether it focuses its efforts on a different communication channel. Several Facebook and Instagram profiles have related handles, but none of the accounts discovered so far appear convincing.

Nevertheless, ChaosGPT’s YouTube channel is still live, although we suspect its creator manages the account.

It remains uncertain what specific infraction led to ChaosGPT’s suspension from Twitter, but attempting to destroy humanity via manipulation and mind games probably violated several safety guidelines of the site.

In any case, it is reassuring that someone from Twitter’s safety team is monitoring the platform, even though the company’s offices may still be foul-smelling.

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