This Couple Got Legally Married In The Taco Bell Metaverse

Sheel Mohnot, one of the co-founders of Better Tomorrow Ventures, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, was looking for love. In the midst of the pandemic, a mutual acquaintance introduced him to Amruta Godbole, a lawyer at Instagram. Their initial phone conversation, which took place in May 2020, lasted almost six hours.

Not long after their first call, Mohnot and Godbole had their first date, maintaining social distance in Mohnot’s backyard. They went on to enjoy a whirlwind romance that included a cycling adventure through the Black Rock City of Burning Man and a memorable evening in a six-person Slovenian village. As of August 2022, the couples were engaged.

The couple saw an opportunity that was unexpectedly presented just weeks later. Taco Bell invited potential couples to apply for the brand’s first-ever virtual legal and metaverse package for their wedding.

Mohnot stated that “it was perfect timing.”

Metaverse Wedding

The applicants were required to complete a registration form along with a video about their love story. The contest announcement stated that the prize would be a Web 3.0 marriage for two “die-hard Taco Bell lovers to take their love to the next level.”

Mohnot entered the contest eagerly because he has always loved Taco Bell. Mohnot said he grew up as a vegetarian in America in the late 1980s and early 1990s. So going out for food became synonymous with Taco Bell.

Godbole shared that the couple’s early dating experience included a visit to the Taco Bell located by the ocean in Pacifica, California, which held sentimental value for them. “Therefore, it was significant to us,” Godbole added.

Before the early September 2022 deadline, the couple submitted a video tribute to Taco Bell. In October, they received the news that they had been chosen from over 300 entries.

Godbole mentions in the video that Taco Bell was the first thing she and Mohnot bonded over as vegetarians who love Mexican food.

Some Of The Pics Of Their Wedding:

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Metaverse Wedding
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