Google’s AI Magic Eraser Now Available On All Smartphones

Google’s highly praised photo-editing tool, “Magic Eraser,” previously available to only Google Pixel devices, is now being extended to other Android and iOS devices. However, the tool will no longer be available for free.

Google has recently announced that the AI-powered feature, which effectively erases undesired elements from images, will be offered to Google One subscribers and existing Pixel owners. Subscribers of Google One will also receive access to several other editing tools, including a new HDR video effect, exclusive collage styles, and other useful features.

Google AI Magic Eraser

Initially created to purchase additional cloud storage for Photos, Docs, and Gmail, the Google One subscription has evolved into a comprehensive set of features. The subscription now offers a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Members-only benefits include extended group video calls on Google Meet, 10% cashback on Google Store purchases, extended trials, and premium Google Photos features, including Portrait Light. This feature allows users to soften the background and adjust the light position and brightness on subjects’ faces.

Pixel 5a and older Pixel smartphone users will also gain access to this feature without requiring a Google One subscription. Although various third-party apps provide object removal features, Magic Eraser adds this functionality to the primary Photos app on Android devices, which is also a preferred app for many iPhone users over Apple’s Photos app.

Additionally, Google One subscribers will now have access to a new HDR video effect that balances dark foregrounds and bright backgrounds or vice versa. According to Google, this feature is similar to the effect already available for photos.

Moreover, Google Photos’ collage editor is getting an array of fresh Styles to select from, along with the option to apply a Style to a single photo within the collage. This enhancement will be accessible to both Google One subscribers and Pixel users.

Lastly, a new benefit for Google One subscription is free shipping when they order photo prints from online stores in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and European Union.

Although each feature may not seem significant enough to justify payment, Google One’s combined package, backup and sync options, and extra storage have made it a top-selling subscription in app stores.

According to, in 2022, Google One was the No. 6 non-game app globally in terms of consumer spending and No. 8 in the U.S. While most customers purchase the subscription for extra storage and backup, which is Google’s alternative to Apple’s iCloud, it is also a way for Google to retain customers in its app ecosystem, even if they do not use Pixel phones or Android devices.

According to Google, the rollout of Magic Eraser, HDR effect, and new collage Styles will begin today, but it will take a few more weeks to reach all users worldwide. However, free shipping for Google One subscribers is already in effect.

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