Taliban Has Launched Afghanistan’s First Supercar

Afghanistan is not the most likely place for a supercar to ever be built. But a team comprising 30 engineers from manufacturer ENTOP and Kabul’s Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute revealed a black-colored sportscar.

The “Mada 9”, the first supercar to come from Afghanistan, looks very similar to a McLaren (or Bugatti) from a distance.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesperson, posted image of Mada 9 on social networking and stated that its beauty was an ‘honor for the whole country.’

The question is not only what the photos show but also what lies beneath the hood. Multiple tweets show that the engine is similar to a Toyota Corolla hatchback.

Khaama Press, an Afghan press, stated that the designers used parts from other vehicles, mainly Toyota parts, to create the first model.

The car’s mechanics are shown in a video posted by ENTOP on Twitter. It is a car enthusiast’s dream car.

Here’s the full video of the supercar. Khaama stated that ENTOP sees Mada 9 at the 2023 Qatar Exhibition. They should beef up the motor first.

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