ChatGPT Predicts Bitcoin Will End Fiat Currency

Parman, a Bitcoin enthusiast, shared his experience with ChatGPT. He said ChatGPT predicts that Bitcoin would end government-issued fiat currencies. He shared the results in a Twitter thread.

Parman first asked ChatGPT how humanity can end central banking. ChatGPT says that ‘decentralized digital currencies’ could be a way to eliminate central banking. This sounds very much like Bitcoin. Parman asks ChatGPT to answer his question in two words. It replies that DeFi could lead to the end of central banks.

Parman said to the bot that DeFi was a “marketing term” for what is centralized finance to scam people. He then asked ChatGPT to dig deeper, and the chatbot replied, “end fiat.”

Parman said “I wanted to see how ‘smart’ ChatGPT was. If it came up with the answer for two words to end central banking as ‘buy Bitcoin,’ I was going to be blown away.”

Parman was happy with ChatGPT’s response that central banking would be responsible for ending fiat currency, so he went on to ‘How can we end fiat currency’?

ChatGPT offered four options:

  • Returning to the gold standard
  • Encouraging alternative currencies like Bitcoin
  • Reducing government spending
  • Changing government perception

Parman, a serial Bitcoin orange pillar and an educator, was close to the AI bot. He explained:

“My natural instinct is to orange pill, so I guided it to the right answer.”

ChatGPT now believes that crypto adoption could bring about the end of fiat. He still finds the answer general, and he wants the answer to be more specific. He wrote, “There is one cryptocurrency that makes it possible because it has no issuer.”

Parman refers to the fact that Bitcoin’s first mining was a digital trial. It was an experiment with a digital token without any promise or value. Parman explained that all other cryptocurrencies “have leadership teams and are, therefore, centralized.”

So which one is it? ChatGPT responded with Bitcoin.

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Parman convinced a machine-learning bot that Bitcoin could end fiat currency. Why bother with all this effort? Parman spoke with reporters and explained:

“Importantly, the world needs to know central banking is a scam, and everyone needs to know that Bitcoin is the only thing that can stop it.”

Perhaps with the robust ChatGPT bot on team Bitcoin, the world may be a little closer to that realization.

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