Vitalik Picks This For His Favorite Elon Musk Choice

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, shares his favorite Elon Musk decision in a tweet.

Vitalik added in his tweet the link to the Tesla blog post, which stated that Tesla wouldn’t initiate patent lawsuits against anyone, good faith, who wants to use technology.

The blog post also stated that electric vehicle companies and the world would benefit from a rapidly evolving technology platform.

Vitalik wrote that he’d love to see “Twitter” make more decisions similar to that.

He also mentioned that transparent content moderation ideas are a great place for people to start.

Vitalik also quoted and retweeted Elon’s tweet about the new CEO and said he was looking forward to meeting the next CEO.

He said, “It’s important not to rush the decision, but the vox populi wishes for a new CEO. That wish must be respected.”

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