Twitter View Counts Start Appearing For Some Twitter Users

Some Twitter users are beginning to see views for tweets. Musk announced that the feature would be available for “all tweets” on December 1st. He also stated that view counts would be shown for all videos.

Musk reiterated this announcement a week later, adding that it would be “in a few months.” We noticed that a counter appeared when we clicked on our posts.

Although some Twitter users reported the feature, it has yet to be made available. For example, We currently need to see view counts for tweets other than videos at the time of writing. The feature does not provide any new information at the moment.

You have always been able to turn analytics on for your account and see how many impressions your tweets get. To do this, you will need to click on the analytics button.

The view counter displays it right in front of your face. It needs to be clarified if Musk meant for users to see the number of views other people’s tweets get.

Musk’s comment about the feature being “just as videos,” whose views are public for all users, makes it appear that you should be able to see how many people’s tweets have been getting.

We asked Twitter for clarification, but they no longer have a communications department. Musk has yet to tweet about the feature in recent times.

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