TikTok’s New Feature Will Show You Why Specific Video Appeared In Your Feed

TikTok announced Tuesday that it would launch a new feature that lets users see why a video was recommended to their For You feed. TikTok claims that the new feature will provide more context for content suggested in For You feeds.

You can view why a video was recommended to your For You feed by tapping on the share panel. You may be told you saw a video due to your interactions with the content, such as comments, posts, or searches. You may also be informed that the video was shown to you by the accounts you follow.

TikTok suggests that you might also be told that a video was shown to you because it was recently posted in your area or is popular.

The company stated in a blog post that “this feature is one way we’re working towards bringing meaningful transparency to people who use our platform and builds upon several steps they’ve taken towards that end.” We’ll expand this feature to provide more transparency and granularity to content recommendations.

The app’s personal For You page algorithm, TikTok, is key to its success. It shows users content they are likely to find interesting. The algorithm system could be better. You may find a video that does not suit your needs. You can now find out why a video appears on your For You page in such cases.

While TikTok already explained the process behind its recommendations, this new feature launched today gives users more context on why a particular video was shown to them.

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