Neuralink Under Investigation For Killing 1500 Animals

US authorities are investigating Elon Musk’s Neuralink for animal cruelty. He and his company are accused of unnecessarily killing over 1500 animals.

For those who don’t know, Neuralink has created a brain implant that allows people to control prosthetics and computers with their minds. Musk stated that he would like to use the chips in human trials within the next six months. However, the chips are still not considered safe for humans.

Instead, the company used animal testing to create the chips and killed approximately 1500 animals.

According to Reuters and company employees, the animals, which include 280 sheep, pigs, and monkeys, have allegedly been killed in experiments since 2018. This number could be much higher or lower, as Neuralink doesn’t keep strict records about animal deaths and testing.

Musk’s rigorous management style is partly responsible for the high number of animal deaths. Company insiders claim that Musk has told his staff to picture themselves with bombs strapped on their heads so they can work faster.

Reuters reports that these have led to a series of ‘botched’ experiments in which animals die by accident. To conduct post-mortem research, the company routinely kills test animals.

Current and former employees at the company claim that more animals died than necessary. Other employees claim that the company treats animals better than other research centers, despite the high number of animal deaths.

It’s perfect for monkeys. According to company leaders, they have created a monkey Disneyland where lab animals can freely roam around.

A company employee stated that Musk doesn’t like testing animals for research and wants them to be happy.

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