Netlinkz Signs Deal With SpaceX To Distribute Starlink In Australia

Netlinkz has announced that Australian and New Zealand businesses can bundle Netlinkz VSN and Starlink to access an invisible encrypted private network that is available to all devices connected to the internet. Businesses and organizations in remote and rural areas will benefit from the partnership.

James Tsiolis, CEO of Netlinkz, stated that the SpaceX Starlink distribution agreement allows Netlinkz to execute its sales strategy quicker with a significantly greater footprint.

According to the Netlinkz website, “Starlink internet services will enable Netlinkz to incorporate its own invisible private network product -VSN – with Starlink’s advanced satellite technology to bypass obstacles posed by traditional, obsolete, and often limited telecommunication infrastructures.”

Customers of maritime enterprises located in the region can also use this service. The bundle services will be available in Australia and New Zealand starting in December. The company plans to offer its Starlink + Netlinkz VSN services in 2023 to Philippines, Indonesia, Qatar, and Singapore businesses.

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