Elon Musk Suspends Koo’s Twitter Account

Twitter suspended the account of the Indian microblogging platform Koo. On Friday, the Twitter handle kooeminence was removed. It had been created to answer users’ questions. This development follows the suspension of prominent global journalists from CNN, the New York Times, etc., by Elon Musk, a billionaire, on Twitter.

Mayank Bidawatka (cofounder of Koo) took to Twitter to say, “I forgot. There’s more! – Banning Mastodon account. – Refrain from allowing mastodon links, as it is unsafe. Banning Koo’s eminence handle. Seriously. What more control does the man need?”

Elon Musk Suspended Koo's Twitter Account

Mastodon is a social media competitor to Twitter. Bidawatka asked why the kooeminence account was suspended. The account was created just a few days ago to answer queries from celebrities and VIPs who wanted to use the Indian social networking platform.

  1. Doxxing is not done by posting publicly accessible information. Why not shoot the messenger?
  2. Journalists who posted links were not guilty. “Posting a link that points to publicly accessible information is not plagiarism, Koo cofounder Bidawtka stated.
  3. It is unacceptable to leave spaces for journalists without answering them.
  4. It is worse to create policies from thin air to suit your needs.
  5. It is inconsistent to change your stance every day.
  6. How is it allowed to post a tweet about a car with a car plate on it? He added.

Koo’s cofounder stated that Twitter had destroyed spaces overnight to control conversations. He also said that Twitter had done other things in the last week that were not democratic. He said that one should speak up.

Bidawatka stated that microblogging is a better alternative to Twitter. This place exists because of you and millions more users like you. He said, “Let’s not fuel the guy’s ego.”

Bidawatka also stated, “And guess what!” Suddenly. Almost suddenly, #ElonIsDestroyingTwitter has been removed from the trending section. Twitter is now a publisher. Twitter is no longer a platform.

This follows a Twitter suspension of accounts of approximately half a dozen journalists covering Musk and the social media site. They were cited as having violated rules against “doxxing.”

The New York Times reported that Ryan Mac of The New York Times, Donie O’Sullivan from CNN, Drew Harwell, Drew Harwell, Micah Lee, The Intercept, Matt Binder, Mashable, Drew Harwell, Drew Harwell, Drew Harwell, Drew Harwell, Drew Harwell, Drew Harwell, Drew Harwell, Drew Harwell, and Tony Webster were among the accounts suspended.

On Thursday, local time, the social media platform displayed notices indicating that accounts had been suspended for these journalists’ accounts.

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