Ethereum Addresses Are Now Searchable On Google

Google is expanding its presence within the Web3 sector, as it lets users view their Ethereum addresses’ balances using its engine’s search function. Han Hua, a Crypto investor at Google Ventures, officially revealed the function through his Twitter handle. The information is being gathered by using the Etherscan Ethereum block explorer.

The public was extremely impressed with the new feature and searched for a wide range of Ethereum addresses; however, the majority failed. This means the feature is very limited but could be improved shortly.

However, Google is trying to expand its operations through Web3, and people are likely to be a lot happier since the actions of a large business would surely increase the adoption of crypto.

Just a few days ago, Google Cloud and Coinbase announced a new strategic partnership that will better serve customers of the Web3 community and the developers who are part of it. This partnership will permit certain groups of Google cloud customers to pay for Cloud services with digital currencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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