Traq AI

Traq AI changes sales team operations with its AI-driven conversation intelligence platform. The platform records and transcribes sales calls, offering valuable insights into buyer preferences, competition analysis, and overcoming obstacles.

Traq AI

With Traq AI’s call recording feature, every detail important to buyers is captured, enabling trust and increasing success rates.

Its conversation intelligence feature equips sales teams with the knowledge to enhance productivity, effectiveness, and ultimately, win rates.

The AI note-taking feature streamlines the process, eliminating manual notes and fostering trust with customers and prospects.

Traq AI’s pipeline visibility feature offers valuable insights into deal progression, aiding in building accurate revenue projections.

The sales enablement feature utilizes actual voice-of-customer data to create impactful materials and inform go-to-market strategies.

The platform ensures ultimate clarity for every deal, simplifies the sales process, optimizes revenue, and delivers better results through improved listening.

Traq AI provides objective and unbiased insights and analytics, transforming conversations into valuable data points.

By deciphering buyer sentiments and uncovering common threads, enables realistic sales forecasts and eliminates uncertainties.

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