Refraction Dev

Refraction serves as an AI-powered code generation tool, catering to developers by facilitating code refactoring, documentation creation, unit test generation, and more.

Refraction Dev

Developers can utilize Refraction by simply copying and pasting a code block, then selecting their preferred language or framework to prompt the AI algorithm to generate corresponding code through natural language processing and machine learning.

With support for 56 programming languages including Java, Python, C#, and JavaScript, Refraction aims to automate repetitive tasks in software development, allowing developers to concentrate on the creative and problem-solving aspects of their work.

Renowned companies like Amazon, Google, and Uber place their trust in Refraction, highlighting its credibility and effectiveness in code generation and assistance with unit testing and documentation.

The tool’s user-friendly nature is illustrated by its compatibility with Sublime Text, enhancing the overall user experience and making it accessible to developers of varying skill levels.

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