Taboo AI

Taboo AI is a word game that helps in learning English vocabulary and improving wordplay skills in an interactive and fun way. It is powered by AI tech to facilitate the gameplay experience. The gameplay involves guessing words or concepts while avoiding certain “taboo” terms, stimulating players to think of creative ways to describe the target word.

Taboo AI

Key Features:

  • Play Public Topics: Engage with diverse topics contributed by players globally. Go through a wide range of subjects and enjoy the variety offered by the global player community.
  • Play AI-Generated Topics: If you don’t like public topics, then check out topics created by artificial intelligence for a unique gaming experience.
  • Contribute New Topics: Join as a contributor and share your creativity with players worldwide. Your topics will be played by Taboo AI enthusiasts across the globe, adding your personal touch to the gaming experience.
  • View My Profile: Access your game history, statistics, and manage your profile settings with ease. Stay updated on your gaming journey and track your progress effortlessly.
  • Upgrade Plan: Unlock exclusive features and enjoy enhanced gameplay with a PRO plan tailored to your preferences. Benefit from a 7-day free trial, then enjoy unlimited access to public topics, comprehensive AI evaluations, and more for just $2 per month.
  • Compatibility: The platform is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices.
  • And More
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