Coding Guru

Coding Guru is a personal coding teacher tool, focusing on teaching Python basics, including the range function, loops, and offering practical problem-solving exercises.

Coding Guru

Users engage with the tool by writing code in the provided codebox on the interface, aiming to learn coding concepts and problem-solving techniques through explanations and guidance.

The tool facilitates communication by allowing users to send messages along with their code written in the codebox, with a toggle switch provided to indicate whether they want to send their code or not.

Its simplistic design and user-friendly interface make it particularly accessible for beginners, offering an intuitive learning experience without overwhelming users with complex features.

Through Coding Guru, users can benefit from step-by-step explanations, coding practice, and assistance when encountering difficulties.

The option to send code along with a message enables users to seek personalized help or collaborate with others by sharing their code for review or debugging purposes.

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