2 Free Ways to Download Instagram Videos and Photos

We spend most of our time on social media posting photos and scrolling other’s posts. Like many social sites, Instagram lacks many features including downloading or saving Instagram posts, reels, photos, and videos. If we want any Instagram videos and photos to be downloaded, we save or send/forward them to our Instagram account.

This seems to be a traditional and layman’s technique but what can we do, Instagram restricts such features of downloading. So, the solution has arrived through third-party tools. Introducing SSSgram Instagram Video Downloader, which lets Instagram content download with ease. You don’t need to install any app to use SSSgram, all you need to do from start to finish is give it a video link and the video will be downloaded in seconds.

Free Online Site to Download from Instagram

With SSSgram, you can easily, safely and quickly download and save various content on Instagram, with the following features:

  • All features on the SSSgram website are 100% free. No subscription is required and there is no payment button.
  • There is no limit on how many times you download, no matter the file type or video length.
  • The whole process from opening the website to completing the Instagram video download takes less than a minute.
  • There is no need to download any application to use SSSgram, avoiding the risk of viruses and malware. It is simple and fast, and users do not need to worry about security issues.
  • Instagram photos and videos are saved in original clarity.
  • The SSSgram website does not display ads.
  • No need to download an application, log in, or provide any account information.
  • SSSgram supports downloading Instagram stories, reels, igtv, highlights, photos and MP3 audio files.
Instagram Video Downloader

Now, let’s check 2 different ways to download from Instagram.

Way 1: Download Instagram Video from Its Link

Most of the Instagram downloaders on the market download photos and videos from public Instagram accounts through links. SSSgram also supports this feature, let’s see how to download Instagram photos and videos with SSSgram:

1. Copy Instagram video link

For mobile users: Open the Instagram app, click the share button, and select “Copy link”.
For PC users: Open the Instagram website, copy the URL in the address bar (for Story and Reel videos) or click the three-dot button and select “Copy link” (for regular posts).

2. Visit the SSSgram website

Open sssgram.com in your browser. Paste the copied Instagram link and click the “Download” button.

3. Download and save the video

After the video loads, click the download button. The whole operation is complete. With these few simple steps, you can easily download and save photos and videos on Instagram with SSSgram.

Download Instagram Videos

File location after Instagram video download:

  • Android phone: Find the downloaded file in the browser’s Downloads folder, mobile phone gallery, or file management app.
  • iPhone: Find the file in the Files app after downloading.
  • PC: Locate the file in your browser’s Downloads folder or the specified download path.

Way 2: Download Instagram Video Without Copy Link

At the same time, SSSgram also provides a way to download Instagram videos and photos without copying and pasting the video link. That is, you only need to provide the username. This method is more time-saving and simpler.

  • Open the browser and visit sssgram.com.
  • Enter the Instagram username directly in the input box.
  • Wait for it to load the user profile information. Then check the content you want to save from the Instagram account and click the download button.
Instagram Downloader AI

Downloading Instagram photos and videos is not as difficult as we think. It can be done easily with the tool SSSgram. The most important thing is that this tool is completely free to use.

One final note: there are risks when you download Instagram videos and want to share them on other platforms. It’s wise to credit the Instagram account from which the video originated and make it clear that it’s not your original content.

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