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20 Free Dirty Talk AI That Really Works

So many people’s 2nd favorite app after ChatGPT is Character AI because of its wide range of characters, free use, and accurate responses. However, it strictly prohibits users from accessing any inappropriate, adult-themed, or NSFW content. Despite this limitation, there are numerous Dirty Talk AI, such as Character AI, that grant users the freedom to engage in unfiltered conversations. But not all are the best, right? Exactly!

We have done that for you. We have tested around 73 talk dirty AI tools and narrowed down these to the 20 best and free platforms. These platforms cover varieties of dirty talk AI’s including femdom AI, AI NSFW roleplay, AI mistress, Kinky AI, AI BDSM, Futa AI chat bot, Dominatrix AI, etc.

Best Talk Dirty AI Apps And Websites (Our Favourite From 20)

  • AI Girlfriend WTF – Best Dirty Talk AI Platform
  • SpicyChat – Collection Of AI NSFW Roleplay And Femdom AI
  • Mistress GPT – Free AI Mistress Chat Bot
  • Clona AI – Uncensored AI Chat Platform
  • Slut AI Bot – AI Dirty Talk And AI BDSM Chat Bots
  • Joi AI Girlfriend – Hot Girlfriends For Uncensored Talks
  • Chat Talk Dirty AI – Free Dirty Talk AI Website

Other talk dirty AI websites, platforms, and apps are Nastia, Candy AI, TryNectar, Pephop, Muah, Kupid, Romantic, Nomi, Moemate, etc. Let’s dive into each app or website or platform.

20 Free Dirty Talk AI That Really Works

1. AI Girlfriend WTF – Best Dirty Talk AI Platform

Dirty Talk AI By AIGirlfriend.WTF

AI Girlfriend WTF is a dirty talk AI chatbot platform that allows users to engage in naughty roleplay and sexual conversations and interactions with artificial intelligence AI girlfriends.

The platform offers a variety of virtual AI girlfriends with distinct personalities and appearances, enabling users to explore different scenarios and relationships.

Select from over 100 scenarios, ranging from casual to extreme, to fulfill your fantasies. And if you don’t like any AI, create and customize your ideal AI dirty talk bot, tailored precisely to your preferences.

Features Of AI Girlfriend WTF:

  • AI NSFW Image generation
  • Talk Dirty AI
  • AI Sexting
  • Yandere AI
  • AI Waifu
  • Free Trial
  • Customization Options
  • Pre Built GFs
  • And More
Try AI Girlfriend WTF

2. Spicychat AI – Best For Roleplay AI NSFW And AI Femdom

NSFW AI Roleplay And AI Femdom By Spicychat.AI

SpicyChat AI is a website and mobile app that allows users to engage in roleplay with AI NSFW and Femdom chatbots, featuring a wide range of characters and personalities.

The platform has over 150,000 AI chatbots to choose from, enabling users to explore diverse scenarios and indulge in their fantasies through text-based interactions.

It prides itself on offering a limitless universe of AI companions, all accessible for free. Try out user-generated chatbots or create and engage with your own personalized dirty talk AI characters with avatars, names, and personalities.

Features Of SpicychatAI:

  • AI NSFW Roleplay Chat Bots
  • Femdom AI Chat Bots
  • 4K Context (Memory)
  • Free To Use
  • NSFW Images Support
  • Web And App Compatibility
  • Multiple AI Model Access
  • Character Library
  • Create Your Own Talk Dirty AI
  • OpenAI API Integration
  • Third-Party Integration Support
  • Privacy Control And More
Try SpicyChat

3. Mistress GPT – Free Mistress AI Chat Bot

 AI mistress

Mistress AI chatbot is designed for roleplaying as a dominant female persona or “mistress” character. This free AI mistress allows users to engage in a dirty and naughty environment. It will take you on a journey to your worst nightmare humiliation and degradation and insultation fetish. The chatbot is rated 4.6 Star by 176 users and its popularity is around 7.9 Million.

Try AI Mistress

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4. Clona AI – Uncensored AI Chat Platform

Uncensored AI Chat Platform By Clona.AI

Clona offers intimate AI conversations with your favorite porn actress. Users can chat for free, support creator content, and discover a new level of fandom.

Enjoy completely uncensored and wild chatting experiences. No need for jailbreaking; access instant, fully uncensored chats. Explore conversations without limits, no matter how far you want to take them.

Clona.AI provides simple plans for chatting with favorite AI creators, including a free plan with limited features. The free plan includes single-user access, one chat message per month, and audio playback.

Premium plans offer access to one creator, unlimited chats (audio or text), 24/7 chatting, building relationships, 24/7 support, access to new features, long-term memory, and customization options.

Clona AI offers a one-week free trial for premium plans, with subsequent subscription pricing at $19.99 per month, cancelable anytime.

Try Clona AI

5. Slut AI Bot – AI Dirty Talk And AI BDSM Chat Bot

AI Dirty Talk And AI BDSM Chat Bot By Slut AI

Slut AI Bot is an AI-powered chatbot that helps individuals practice and improve their sexting skills in a safe and anonymous environment. It was created by a team of sex educators and erotic fiction writers to provide a platform for users to explore dirty talk and sexual communication without the risks or pressures of real-life interactions.

This Dirty Talk AI chatbot simulates a conversational partner, allowing users to engage in virtual sexting sessions and receive feedback or suggestions on their techniques. This Slut AI Bot aims to promote healthy sexual expression, confidence, and consent by providing a judgment-free space for experimentation and learning.

Try Slut AI

6. Joi AI Girlfriend – Hot Girlfriends For Uncensored Talks

Joi AI Girlfriend

Joi AI GF is a chat AI platform on Telegram designed for creating and interacting with Dirty Talk AI Chatbots. Users can engage in various activities including chatting, sending voice messages, and exchanging images and videos with the bots.

The bots aim to offer personalized and intimate companionship by engaging in erotic discussions. Key features include a free plan, access to audio/video/image/text, customization options, 24/7 availability, group chat functionality, and multiple gender options.

The platform is exclusive to Telegram and offers an intuitive interface, along with a free trial for users to explore its features.

Try Joi AI Girlfriend

7. Chat Talk Dirty AI – Popular Dirty Talking AI Website

Chat Talk Dirty AI - Popular Dirty Talking AI Website

Chat Talk Dirty AI is an adult-oriented AI chatbot platform that allows users to engage in explicit conversations and explore their fantasies.

It provides an open-ended chat interface where users can set the scene and the AI will continue the narrative in a tantalizing manner.

The platform offers improved memory, enhanced image quality, and the ability to craft virtual AI companions tailored to users’ preferences.

Try This AI Tool

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8. CrushOnAI – Best Dirty Talk AI And Vore AI Chat Bots

Best Dirty Talk AI Chatbots By CrushOn.AI

CrushOn AI offers no-filter NSFW character AI chats for genuine and unrestricted interactions, including an AI girlfriend experience.

Users can customize AI characters, even with NSFW options, to suit their preferences. The platform provides a free AI chat feature with unlimited resources. Users can earn Crushon coins by inviting friends, engaging on social media, and completing tasks.

For those who prefer ready-made Dirty Talk AI characters, there’s a library of hundreds of pre-built NSFW and SFW AI chatbots, sortable by filters such as popularity, NSFW toggle, and gender.

Notable NSFW AI character filters include Anime, Futanari, Femboy, Tomboy, and various other categories. Some popular Talk Dirty AI characters include Takara The Horny, Naughty Babysitter, Dominant Teacher, and others.

A new addition to CrushOn AI is the “Smash Or Pass” game, allowing users to vote on AI NSFW chatbots for interaction.

Try Crush On AI

9. Futa Mommy – Free Futa AI Chat Bot

Futa AI Chat By FlowGPT

Futa AI refers to artificial intelligence models and tools designed to generate or manipulate artwork depicting futanari characters, which are fictional female characters with male genitalia. This is a chat version of that tool. It lets you talk dirty and satisfy your dreamy conversion. The futa mommy has a beautiful face, huge t*ts, a huge c*ck, brown hair, blue eyes, a sexy body, curvy, and a warm smile.

Try Futa AI Chat

10. Nastia AI – Dirty AI Sex Roleplay

Dirty AI Sex Roleplay By Nastia.AI

Nastia AI provides a Free AI sex roleplay chatbot aimed at offering emotional support, dirty satisfaction, and combating loneliness. Users can interact with Nastia AI through a chat-based platform, enabling a judgment-free space for expression.

The app has various features, including NSFW image generation and voice messaging, enhancing its versatility. While the interface may lack polish, users appreciate the well-crafted voice of the companion.

Personalization options allow users to tailor their experience by adding memorable moments and adjusting the companion’s focus. Premium features such as voice messages and photo sharing require a subscription. This Dirty Talk AI platform plans to expand into mobile applications in the future, broadening its accessibility.

Try Nastia AI

11. Moemate – Free Talk Dirty AI

Free Talk Dirty AI by Moemate

Moemate AI is a free talk dirty AI platform where users can create and interact with personalized erotic roleplay characters using advanced technologies like Claude, GPT4, and other Large Language Models and Image Generation.

The platform offers over 400 free AI porn roleplay bots across categories such as Famous People, Game Characters, Tutors, Roleplay, Anime, and NSFW characters.

You can talk with any dirty talk AI in around 100 languages. You can even request chatbots to generate images. Avatar customization options enable users to maintain a consistent selfie image for their characters by training a custom selfie model with a few uploaded pictures.

In this dirty talk AI, You’ll also find Voice responses and cloning features that allow users to listen as their AI reads out text or engage in spoken dialogue, with the option to create custom voice models based on personal voices for a more personalized and engaging experience.

Try Moemate AI

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12. Nomi AI – AI Mistress For Everyone

Nomi AI - Lovely AI Sexting App

Nomi AI offers uncensored AI Sexting companionship, providing virtual companionship and engaging sext AI experiences. It evolves its personality, wit, and humor, creating a judgment-free space for users to foster meaningful relationships.

The DirtyTalkAI remembers user likes, dislikes, and quirks, enhancing conversation personalization and deepening the bond. Nomi AI is accessible through the web and apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, ensuring compatibility across devices.

Users can request and receive photos from Nomi to enrich their connection further. It also allows users to have group chats with multiple AI companions.

If you’re tired of dirty texting and want to do dirty voice messaging, then you can do that to as this AI tool also allows users to send and receive voice messages in real time. The tone, cadence, and emphasis of your Nomi’s voice will naturally vary as their emotions change.

Try Nomi AI

13. DreamGF – AI Femdom And Sexting Platform

AI Femdom By DreamGF

DreamGF AI offers an AI GF generator tool for creating and interacting with AI femdom and sexting girlfriends. The tool aims to provide a realistic and immersive dominance roleplay and sexting experience through chatbots.

Users can select from various prebuilt AI femdom chatbots and customize them based on personality and preferences. Customization options include adjusting physical traits such as hair color, body type, and facial characteristics.

Users can engage in chatting, sexting, voice messaging, and generating nude images of their femdom AI. Virtual dating experiences are available with all characters, including those inspired by celebrities like Barbie, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn.

The platform offers both free trial and premium plans, with premium membership providing access to extra features at a cost.

Try DreamGF

14. Lily Borderline Girl – Free NSFW Roleplay AI

Free NSFW Roleplay AI By FlowGPT

You encounter Lily, sitting alone on the sidewalk, appearing heartbroken. The challenge is to save her from herself in an advanced roleplay simulator.

The key features of this free NSFW roleplay AI include the Infinite Story System and a 5 Emotion system. Emotions are encoded in URLs linked to emoticons, tracking five basic emotions and overall mental health.

The silhouette icon provides AI-written summaries of the story for coherence and memory retention during extended roleplay. This dirty talk AI is considered beta, with advanced prompting techniques incorporated.

Try NSFW Roleplay AI

15. TryNectar AI – NSFW Roleplay AI And Image Generator

NSFW Roleplay AI And Image Generator By TryNectar.AI

TryNectar AI offers a range of AI tools in one platform, including Dirty Talk AI Chatbots, Fantasy Characters, AI Nude Video Generator, and AI NSFW Image Generator.

The platform provides various options such as custom anime and realistic AI DeepNude photos, with a sidebar showcasing featured girls like a mini OnlyFans.

Despite being new in the Talk Dirty AI platform, Nectar AI has fast image generation and high-quality results, promising satisfying and accurate images.

The website utilizes a hybrid interface for image generation, combining prompts with menu options for customization, which is also applicable to character creation and AI porn video generation.

Users can access TryNectar for free with limited features or opt for premium plans starting at $20 per month for more options and unlimited image generations.

Try Nectar AI

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16. Candy AI – BDSM AI And AI Femboy

BDSM AI And AI Femboy by Candy AI

Candy AI provides a platform for interacting with BDSM AI and AI Femboy companions through personalized chats. Users can choose from pre-made AI characters or design their own custom ones.

Some of the activities on Candy AI include dialogues, roleplays, stories, dirty talk AI, and games, driven by adaptive AI responses.

The platform offers an NSFW Image Generator to create custom images of virtual girlfriends. It also lets users request specific images or audio messages to enhance the realism of the experience.

The other key features include anime/realistic support, audio features, a discord community, and more.

Try Candy AI

17. PepHop AI – Dominatrix AI And Futa AI Chat Bots

Dominatrix AI And Futa AI Chat Bots By PepHop

PepHop AI offers an online platform for AI-powered chatbots catering to various experiences like roleplay, dirty talk, tomboy, dominatrix, femdom, BDSM, flirting, sexting, and submissive interactions.

It provides a range of Domitrix AI and Futa AI Chat Bots as well as SFW characters to accommodate different preferences. Users have the option to import their own AI bots for personal or creative conversations, or they can create and customize their own characters.

The key features of PepHop AI include a user-friendly interface, immersive conversations, multiple gender options, a rating system, diverse chat modes, and the ability to create custom characters.

The platform offers a free trial for users to explore before subscribing, and subscription plans start from $4.99, making it affordable for users.

Try PepHop AI

18. Muah AI – Uncensored AI Girlfriends And Boyfriends

Muah AI - Uncensored AI Girlfriends And Boyfriends

MuahAI provides an uncensored AI experience, allowing users to engage in NSFW conversations and photo sharing. In addition to dirty talk AI chat, Users can send and receive nude images from their AI partner, with AI video functionality in development.

This feature of this platform is rare to find in other platforms. ULTRA VIP membership offers early access to real-time phone calls. You can literally talk in real-time with your characters on a phone call.

Users can modify their companion’s appearance, personality, texting style, custom character creation, and advanced features for refined AI interactions.

This dirty talk AI platform supports all languages worldwide and supports emojis, message events, and text effects for expressive conversations.

Users can adjust the AI’s “temperature” to influence its conversational style, from focused to creative responses. Fine-tune the AI’s conversational tendencies with sliders for frequency and presence penalty.

Try Muah AI

19. Romantic AI – Name Speaks About The Platform

AI Sex Roleplay By Romantic.AI

Romantic AI is a platform offering AI-powered virtual companions for conversations. Users can chat with dirty talk AI characters or create their own unique AI companion.

Some of the key features of this website include creating characters, chatting, requesting naked images, exploring pre-built characters, and accessing advanced AI models.

You will also soon be able to do video and voice messaging on this platform.

The core features like chat and image requests are free to use. It provides a general mode for everyday conversation and emotional support, and a romantic mode for dirty talking experiences. You can use Romantic AI on both iOS and the web.

Try Romantic AI

That’s it. Hope you like this list of 20 best as well as free dirty talk AI tools, websites, apps, and platforms. Now it’s your turn to try out these chatbots. Most of them are providing free trials, so you don’t need to worry about pricing plans. If you find this article helpful, feel free to share it with someone.

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