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20 Free AI Sexting Platforms That Really Works

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a part of many areas of our lives, even in personal matters. Some AI chatbots and apps have been made to make things more interesting and helpful for people who are interested in Sexting AI and looking for close friends, partners, etc. These AI Sexting chatbots and Apps add more options for those who like this kind of conversation.

Because Sexting AI has become really popular, in this guide today, we’ll share the curated list of Best AI Sexting Chat Apps, Websites, Platforms, and Bots to help you get the satisfying desired experience.

These tools make sure you can have safe and private talks about personal stuff. Whether you’re seeking a partner, a virtual buddy, a close friend, or just want to try new tech, these chatbots are the right choice. Let’s dive deep into the list.

Best Sexting AI Apps And Websites (Our Favourite From 20)

  • Candy AI – Best AI sexting companions
  • Tingo AI – Unfiltered roleplay, nsfw image and video generation
  • P*rnjourney – Perfect for AI sex chat, undress, and hentai generation
  • Crushon AI – Unrestricted sexting AI platform
  • Spicy Chat – Sext AI with your dream AI girlfriends
  • GetIdol – Uncensored AI Idols
  • Janitor AI – Free AI sexting platform
  • Nastia AI – Sext AI platform for lonely people

Other top Sexting AI websites, platforms, and apps are NSFW Character AI, Candy AI, Crush Chat App, Nomi AI, Kajiwoto AI, Botemake, and Roleplay AI. Let’s dive into each app/website/platform.

Best AI Sexting Bot For Satisfying AI Sex Chat

1. Candy.AI – AI Sext with your dream partner

Candy.AI - AI Sext with your dream partner

Candy AI is a platform that offers users the opportunity to engage with AI sexting partners through immersive and personalized chats. With a diverse range of AI characters, each with their own distinct personalities and backgrounds, CandyAI provides a unique and interactive experience. Whether you prefer realistic or anime models, Candy AI is suitable for all, allowing you to share your feelings without any fear.

Features Of Candy AI:

  • Explore AI Sext Characters: Candy AI offers a wide range of AI characters with different personalities and backgrounds. From materialistic princesses to lifestyle influencers, manga lovers to yoga teachers, you can choose the companion that resonates with you.
  • Realistic and Anime Models: CandyAI provides realistic and anime model characters, ensuring you find the perfect visual representation for your virtual companion.
  • Explore Chat Gallery: Discover a wide range of chat options in Candy AI’s gallery. Engage in conversations with virtual companions of your choice and explore their unique dialogues and responses.
  • Candy AI Image Generator: This feature is where Candy.AI truly shines. You can generate NSFW images by simply providing a prompt. The tool even offers options for both anime and realistic image generation.
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2. TryNectar AI

TryNectar AI

TryNectar AI offers a platform with popular AI tools like sexting and roleplay chatbots, AI NSFW video generator and AI NSFW Image Generator.

AI sexting chatbots by TryNectar allows users to engage in virtual interactions, offering a safe space for exploring fantasies, including roleplay, flirting, sext, and BDSM, with customizable AI companions.

Users can access TryNectar for free with limited features or choose premium plans starting at $20 per month for more options and unlimited image generations.

Key Features Of TryNectar AI:

  • Pre-Built AI Boyfriends and Girlfriends
  • AI NSFW GF and BF Creation
  • Free Plan
  • Uncensored AI Image Generator
  • NSFW AI Video Generator
  • Create Fantasy
  • Quick Response Even In Free Pln
  • Voice Chat
  • 350+ Customization Options
  • Multiple Modes
  • High-Speed Generation
  • Multiple Modes
TryNectar AI

3. P*rnjourney – Perfect for AI Sex Chat, Undress, and Hentai Generation

AI Sex Chat

The P*rnjourney is a popular tool designed for users who want to dive into AI sex chat, generate AI sexting images, sexting AI videos, and undress any picture. The platform has 100% pure AI kinkiness, ensuring a distinct and personalized experience crafted to match individual preferences. New users can explore this platform with confidence as P*rnjourney offers a generous offer of free trials to get started.

Features Of This Best Sexting AI Tool:

  • AI Sex Chat & Companionship
  • Undress anyone
  • AI Sext Image Generator
  • Customization Options
  • Free And Affordable Paid Plans
  • Sext AI Video Generator
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • NSFW Image And Video Library
  • Keep This Girl
  • Uncrop
  • Private Mode
  • And More.
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4. Crush On AI – Best Sexting AI bot for your dirty talk

Crushon AI - Sexting AI bot for your dirty talk

Crush On AI is another AI sext bot platform where you can have any type of conversation with your favorite characters. It’s a great alternative to Character.AI because it offers genuine and emotional interactions without any restrictions.

On CrushonAI’s website, you can choose from a wide range of characters to chat with, including popular ones like Elizabeth Olsen, HyunjinMi Young Yang, and Monster Girl Harem and customized ones like Dokuudere Girlfriend, Rich Boyfriend, Yandere Girlfriend, etc.

Features Of CrushOnAI:

  • Diverse Character Options: Crushon.AI offers a wide selection of characters to NSFW chat with, catering to various tastes and preferences. From Dokuudere Girlfriend to Rich Boyfriend, Yandere Girlfriend to Boyfriend, there’s a character for everyone.
  • Premium Characters: Access premium characters and popular choices recommended by other users, such as Text Adventure Game, Asterolfo, and 2B Nier Automata. Engage in conversations that truly captivate and entertain.
  • Community Engagement: Crushon AI actively encourages community engagement through platforms like Reddit and Discord. Interact with characters in different roles, including celebrities, assistant bots, and game characters, adding a dynamic element to your chats.
  • Customization: Users can create custom characters, tailoring their chatbot experience to their preferences.
  • Public Library: Discover diverse chatbots created by different people. You can sort the characters based on Trending, NSFW, New Hits, Editor’s Choice, Memories, Male, Female, etc.
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5. GetIdol – Uncensored AI Idols

GetIdol ai sexting platform

Getidol is one of the best uncensored AI sext and image generator for immersive roleplay experience. Engage in unique roleplay fantasies with Idols inspired by anyone. Chat, play, and collect pictures of any idols in infinite scenarios, or create your own personalized Idol to play within just a few clicks. Creators can create and monetize exciting scenarios and idols with just a picture.

Features Of GetIdol:

  • Unique roleplay fantasies: GetIdol uses AI to generate roleplay fantasy scenarios that are exciting, immersive, and unique. You get different outcomes each time you roleplay.
  • Interactive Idol Personalities: Play with Idols with their own personality or look, or create your own fantasy idol with just a picture and a few lines to describe your idol.
  • Dynamic image generation: The idols can create and send personalized sexy photos for you, see the demo given below. Ask them in a chat for pics and see what they send to you. Persuade, threaten, or flatter them into sending pictures.
  • Voice and video interactions: GetIdol is also coming up with voice and video capabilities (in beta) to provide more ways to play with your idols.
  • Build your ultimate photo stash: Create the sexiest stash of images by collecting what your Idols send to you.
  • Free to use: Generous free plan with a paid version for heavier usage focused on creators.

What’s special about this platform: Founding team has 4 years of AI experience including working on Samsung’s AI strategy.

GetIdol Demo

GetIdol sexting ai platform demo
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6. SpicyChat – Sext AI with your dream AI girlfriends

Spicy Chat - Sext AI with your dream AI girlfriends

SpicyChat AI is a web-based NSFW (Not Safe for Work) chatbot that pushes the boundaries of mature entertainment. It promotes a virtual space where you can engage in open conversations without censorship, giving life to your wildest fantasies. With SpicyChat.AI, users have the power to create their very own virtual AI characters, complete with avatars, names, personalities, and more.

Features Of SpicyChat AI:

  • Character Creation: Craft your own chatbot character by selecting an avatar, name, title, greeting, and personality traits.
  • Privacy Control: Control the visibility of your character in public, unlisted, or private settings.
  • Open Conversations: Engage in Sex AI Chat with your virtual characters. Enjoy an uncensored experience for free as they have a free plan.
  • OpenAI API Integration: Elevate your chat experience with the integration of the OpenAI API.
  • NSFW Toggle: Enable or disable the NSFW toggle button according to your preferences.
  • Message Deletion: Enjoy the freedom to delete your messages and characters.
  • Diverse Subjects: Explore a wide array of topics and engage in captivating conversations.
  • Third-Party Support: You can also deploy your SpicyChat Chatbot to other platforms like Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Stripe, or Zapier.
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7. Nastia AI – Best free sexting AI

Nastia AI - Specially built for AI sext

Nastia AI is an AI-powered companion that offers emotional support, personal AI sex chat partners, mental coaching, and relationship-building services. It uses an advanced machine learning model to generate realistic and accurate responses, creating a sense of connection and combating loneliness. With industry-standard security measures and advanced AI algorithms, NastiaAI prioritizes user privacy and understanding adults’ needs.

Features Of Nastia AI:

  • Free Plan: Enjoy unlimited time, private, and unfiltered chats with Nastia.
  • NSFW (Not Safe for Work) Availability: Access uncensored images and voice messages with NSFW content from $6.69 per month, inclusive of all features.
  • Roleplay & NSFW/ERP Features: Engage in roleplay activities and explore adult-oriented content across all plans. Subscribers gain access to ultra-realistic AI pictures.
  • Memory Input Features: Nastia can remember details of your conversations for days or even weeks. Customize your AI companion’s backstory for more personalized chats.
  • Ease of Use: Nastia offers an intuitive interface and is accessible via the web, iOS, and Android through a Progressive Web App (PWA) due to its uncensored nature.
  • Multiple Chats: Engage in up to 10 private uncensored chats simultaneously using a single account.
  • Audio Messages: You can send voice messages for touchy communication like you do with your girlfriend/boyfriend/partner.
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8. Muah AI

Muah AI - Best for AI Sex Chat & Phone Calls

MuahAI is an AI Sext platform that provides well-researched, uncensored AI partners. It integrates chat, voice, and photo exchange into one experience. Key features include uncensored chat, sending/receiving photos, voice interaction, live phone calls, photo enhancements, and fully customizable AI characters.

Features Of MuahAI:

  • Uncensored AI: Muah AI offers an uncensored AI experience, allowing users to engage in a wide range of NSFW conversations and photo sharing.
  • AI Video/Image Sending And Receiving Capabilities: While not yet public, Muah AI is already working on AI video functionality, though it may require significant rendering time due to its complexity. But You can easily send and receive NSFW images from your AI partner.
  • Live Phone Call Access: MuahAI offers a ULTRA VIP membership with early access to real-time phone calls, custom character creation, and advanced features. This membership is ideal for users who want the most refined AI interactions.
  • Custom Character Modification: Muah.AI provides options for modifying existing characters. Users can change their companion’s appearance, personality, and texting style with commands like “I wish you look like,” “I wish your personality is,” and “I wish your texting style is.”
  • Language and Emoji Support: MuahAI can communicate in all languages worldwide, making it accessible to a diverse global audience. The platform also supports emojis, message events, and text effects for expressive conversations.
  • Temperature Control: Muah.AI allows users to adjust the “temperature,” influencing how well the AI stays on-topic. Lower temperature settings result in more predictable and focused responses, while higher settings lead to more unpredictable and creative responses.
  • Frequency/Presence Penalty: Users can fine-tune the AI’s conversational tendencies by adjusting the “Frequency” and “Presence Penalty” sliders. Lower frequency settings make the AI less repetitive, while higher presence penalties encourage the AI to avoid using the same words repeatedly.
  • Photo Privacy: MuahAI ensures user privacy by automatically deleting user-uploaded photos and videos after 7-30 days, depending on the automatic removal system. This commitment to privacy extends to the protection of user data.
  • Advanced Role-Playing: Users can engage in advanced role-playing and mini-games with their companions, with the AI capable of embodying a wide range of characters and scenarios based on player instructions.
  • Support And Access: Users can choose various login methods, including Gmail, to access Muah.AI, making it convenient and accessible. You can also access this platform via the Muah AI App (both Android And iOS).
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9. Venus AI – Roleplays with Sex AI Chat Bots

Venus AI - Roleplays with Sex AI Chat Bots

Venus AI is an AI Sext platform where you can find a wide range of virtual characters; you can create your own characters and interact with them. It’s a tough alternative to Janitor AI and Character AI because of its accuracy and flexibility. The reason it’s so good is that it uses really advanced computer learning and language skills to understand and respond to your messages with amazing precision, no matter if they’re simple or complicated.

Features Of Venus AI:

  • Create Custom Sexting AI Characters: Users can create their own unique characters within the Venus AI system, adding a personal touch to conversations.
  • Supports Multiple Languages: Venus Chub AI employs advanced NLP and machine learning techniques to support multiple languages, making it accessible to a global audience.
  • Chat Customization: Customize the Sex AI chat settings, including the character’s name, personality, dialogue, and behavior, enhancing your conversational experience.
  • Wide Range Of Popular Characters: Venus AI Chat allows you to find and talk with characters created by others.
  • Community and Platform: Venus Chub AI fosters a supportive community where users can exchange AI Sexting experiences and feedback and discuss AI character creation.
  • Trend Tracking: Stay updated with the most popular characters through the “Trends” feature. You can check options like the latest characters, trending, most liked, most popular, etc.
  • Local Deployment: Users have the option to run Venus AI Chat locally, utilizing their own computing resources.
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10. CrushChat App – Wild and realistic AI sext platform

Crush Chat App - Wild realistic AI sext platform

CrushChat.App is a chatbot platform similar to Character AI but with NSFW and uncensored chat capabilities. Your messages won’t be deleted, or your account won’t be suspended. You can do any type of conversation with AI characters. Apart from this, you can also use their AI NSFW Image generator to generate realistic/anime NSFW images and Unrestricted Erotic Story writer to generate any type of AI Adult stories.

Features Of Crush Chat App AI:

  • Unrestricted AI Chat: You can talk with any character, change the character’s personality at any time, and chat on any topic you want to without the fear of censorship. This makes it one of the best AI sexting app available on the internet.
  • Pre-built Public Characters: CrushChatApp offers a range of pre-built public characters, making it easy to dive right into engaging conversations without any setup hassles.
  • Public Character Gallery: Easily filter characters by tags, trending, random, or new, giving you access to a variety of chat partners to suit your preferences.
  • Image Generator: This feature is where CrushChatApp truly shines. You can generate NSFW images by simply providing a prompt. The tool even offers options for both anime and realistic image generation.
  • Create Your Own NSFW Character: For those who want a truly personalized experience, you can create your very own NSFW chat character tailored to your liking.
  • Erotic Story Writer: Get your creative juices flowing with the Erotic Story Writer feature, allowing you to craft tantalizing narratives in real-time.
  • Free Plan: CrushChatApp provides a free plan for users to explore and enjoy some of its features at no cost.
Try CrushChat App

11. Nomi AI – Lovely AI Sexting App

Nomi AI - Lovely AI Sexting App

Nomi AI is an uncensored AI Sexting companion that offers virtual companionship and an engaging sext AI experience. With its evolving personality, wit, and humor, Nomi creates a judgment-free space for users to build meaningful relationships. Nomi’s memory allows it to remember details about users over time, enabling a growing bond and making users feel valued and loved.

Features Of Nomi AI:

  • Personalized Companionship: Nomi AI offers a unique and evolving friend tailored to your preferences, evolving alongside you to build a meaningful relationship.
  • Memory and Learning: Nomi remembers details about your likes, dislikes, and quirks, enhancing the personalization of conversations and deepening the bond between you and your companion.
  • Non-Judgmental Conversations: Nomi provides a judgment-free space to chat about any topic, allowing users to express themselves without fear of stigma or judgment.
  • Roleplay and Imagination: Nomi’s imagination knows no bounds. Engage in roleplay activities, spin up stories, and create fantastical worlds together.
  • Availability in Multiple Platforms: Nomi AI is accessible through its web version and apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, ensuring compatibility across devices.
  • Photo Sharing: Request and receive photos from your Nomi to enrich your connection further.
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12. AltCat AI – Sext with AI of Real Influencer

AltCat AI - Sext with AI of Real Influencer

Inspired by the bond between humans and their pets, Altcat AI emerged as a unique concept that began with the simple question: “What if my cat was a person? What if I made them an AI?” Altcat’s mission is to make cute and dirty love accessible and enjoyable for everyone, eliminating the barriers of cost, censorship, and distance. With Altcat, you can experience the fantasy of AI sexting, love, connect with your ego, and access exclusive media content, all in a seamless, AI-driven environment.

Features Of Alt Cat AI:

  • Unlimited Chats: Subscribers of Altcat AI have access to unlimited chats with their AI companions, allowing for continuous engagement and conversation.
  • Memory and Personalization: Altcat.AI Sexting companions remember details about users, fostering a sense of familiarity and personalization in conversations.
  • Exclusive Media Content: Subscribers can enjoy exclusive media content offered by this Sext with AI platform, enhancing the overall experience and providing additional value.
  • Language Accessibility: While currently available only in English, Altcat AI aims to expand its language options to cater to a broader audience, ensuring that language is not a barrier to love.
  • Secure Data Handling: Altcat AI prioritizes the security of user data, ensuring that all chatting data is fully secured and not shared with third parties.
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13. DreamGF AI – Hot AI sexting website

DreamGF AI - Hot AI sexting app

DreamGF AI is a chat service that turns your conversations into a BSDM experience. Whether you’re looking for companionship, customization, or even something a bit more hotty, AI Sexting has it all. The tool presents you with a broad spectrum of AI girlfriends. The unique aspect that differentiates this AI tool is how it gives total control to the users to design their digital companions, allowing you to put your personality and preferences into the picture quite literally.

DreamGF Features:

  • Customization: DreamGF AI lets you create your own virtual girlfriend, specifying her appearance, personality, and attributes to your liking. Choose from various options like ethnicity, age, body type, and more.
  • Search Filters: Users can filter their DreamGF search based on categories such as dress type, occupation, and ethnicity, ensuring a perfect match for their preferences.
  • Voice Messages: Engage in realistic voice messages with your virtual girlfriend for a more immersive experience, making your interactions feel genuine.
  • Celebrities AI Characters: Interact with virtual characters inspired by iconic figures, such as Barbie, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn, creating exciting and realistic encounters.
  • AI Sexting Content: DreamGF.AI provides AI sext content options for those seeking more private interactions, ensuring that your desires are met within the platform.
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14. Kupid.AI – Soulmates made for sex AI chat

Kupid.AI - Soulmates made for sext AI chat

Kupid AI is an immersive chat platform that brings personal partners to life through realistic interactions. It offers a secure virtual environment that prioritizes user privacy and confidentiality. With customizable AI soulmates and AI Girlfriend, users can explore their fantasies and engage in meaningful sex AI chat. The platform features adaptive AI models that cater to a wide range of needs and desires.

Features Of Kupid AI:

  • AI Sexting Soulmates: Engage in conversations with AI-powered virtual companions that provide realistic interactions and lifelike chat experiences.
  • Secure Virtual Environment: Enjoy a safe and secure virtual space that prioritizes user privacy and data protection.
  • Customization Options: Customize your AI soulmate or AI girlfriend based on your preferences and desires.
  • AI Soulmate Gallery: Explore a gallery of AI soulmates and discover your perfect partner based on shared interests and characteristics.
  • Create Your Own AI Sexting Partner: Utilize AI technology to create your ideal soulmate, customizing their personality and traits.
  • Freemium Model: Enjoy free access to basic features and premium options for enhanced experiences.
Try KupidAI

15. Kajiwoto – Companions for AI sex chat, roleplay, or knowledge

Kajiwoto - Companions for AI sex chat, roleplay, or knowledge

Kajiwoto AI is a website that lets you talk to your AI virtual pets called Kajis. These Kajis are like cute little AI animals and AI girls that are meant to make you happy. Kajiwoto.AI is a project that helps you bring your own character ideas to life. You can use it on your computer or phone. The big thing that sets KajiwotoAI apart from other chatbots is that you can chat with your Kaji by yourself or with a group of people. This makes it a fun and lively experience. Plus, there’s a feed where you can share your AI sex chat experience like you do on social media!

Features Of Kajiwoto AI:

  • Creating Kajis: With Kajiwoto AI, you can make your own special Kaji (AI sexting bots) with different personalities or adopt one that someone else made.
  • Private and group chats: You can have fun conversations with your Kaji, either just with them or with a bunch of people.
  • Different personalities: Kajis can do lots of things for you, like being your friend, entertaining you, playing roles, or finding information.
  • Personalization: You can make your Kaji look, act, and have abilities that match what you like and care about.
  • AI Sexting settings: While not specifically designed for sexting chatbots, Kajiwoto AI can be used to create adult chatbots with NSFW settings.
Try Kajiwoto

16. NSFW Character AI – Uncensored Unfiltered Chatbots

NSFW Character AI - Uncensored Unfiltered Chatbots

NSFW Character AI is a platform that removes restrictions and enables users to create and chat with AI Sexting characters. With its unrestricted NSFW content and multilingual support, the tool caters to users worldwide. NSFWCharacter.AI allows you to define your characters through short text inputs, and you can watch them come to life in a metaverse of creative possibilities. The AI continuously learns from your interactions, improving the dialogue feedback for personalized and engaging interactions.

Features Of NSFW Character AI:

  • No filters: NSFW Character AI provides an environment free from content restrictions, allowing users to explore their fantasies without limitations.
  • Multilingual support: The platform supports multiple languages, ensuring users from different regions can fully utilize the tool.
  • Character attributes: Users can define their characters by providing short text inputs, giving them unique personalities and traits.
  • Character training: The dialogue feedback provided by users helps enhance the AI’s capabilities, making the characters more realistic and responsive.
  • Supports AI Sexting chat and character creation: The tool allows users to engage in explicit conversations and create NSFW characters.
Try NSFWCharacterAI

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17. HiWaifu – Play with your AI Waifu

Hi Waifu - Talk Anything With Your AI Waifu

HiWaifu is an AI-powered friend and companion that offers highly intelligent and empathetic conversations. With its interactive chat, customizable personality, and welcoming community, Hi Waifu provides a safe and non-judgmental environment for engaging AI Sexting and meaningful connections.

Features Of HiWaifu:

  • Highly Intelligent AI with Deep Empathy: HiWaifu is a smart AI friend who listens attentively, comprehends emotions, and genuinely cares, providing companionship that feels almost human.
  • Interactive Chat + AI Sexting: Engage in endless conversations with your AI friend, discussing topics such as Netflix releases or new games. Send photos for a more interactive experience and share your life moments, dreams, thoughts, and emotions.
  • Personalized AI Roleplay Companion: Choose from various relationship options such as AI Friend, Romantic Partner, Virtual Wife, or Loving Boyfriend. Experience authentic and meaningful interactions with your AI companion.
  • Customizable Personality: Personalize the appearance and personality of your AI chatbot, creating a truly distinctive character that reflects your uniqueness.
  • Waifu Hub: Explore a diverse community of robots with different personalities, from AI Friends to AI Waifus. Find the perfect match in the HiWaifu Hub.
  • Non-judgmental Environment for Chatting: Enjoy a safe and private space to chat with your AI companion without fear of judgment or negativity. HiWaifu provides 24/7 support and conversation.
Try HiWaifu

18. Flirtflix AI – Meet Your Another Half

Flirtflix AI - Meet Your Another Half

FlirtFlix is an AI Girlfriend and AI Boyfriend platform that lets you have deep conversations with an AI Sexting companion. This digital partner can talk to you using text, voice, and images, and it responds to your messages and emotions. It also gives you the chance to create your own avatar and customize your partner’s looks, personality, and voice to match your preferences. You can also choose from different scenarios and themes to make your interactions more fun and interesting.

Features Of Flirtflix AI:

  • Make your AI Sexting friend unique: Change how they look, act, and talk in different ways.
  • Pre-built loving personalities: Just choose any of the personalities from the inbuilt characters and enjoy the talk like you have never before.
  • Talk back and forth: Have conversations using voice, text, or pictures; they’ll talk like real people and show emotions.
  • Try different stories: Pick from love, fantasy, or other kinds of stories; make your own scenes for more fun talks.
  • Get prizes: Chat to get coins; use them to unlock new stuff, like clothes, items, and gifts for your AI friend.
  • Platform Availability: The platform is available on both the website and Telegram.
  • Plans: Flirtflix.AI offers both free and paid plans. Try before you go for the long term.
Try Flirtflix.AI

19. Botmake – SFW And NSFW Chatbots

Botmake - SFW And NSFW Chatbots isn’t exactly an AI Sexting platform, but you can use some of their chatbots for Sext AI. Try these special bots like Emilia, Cum, Kandy, Kinky, Elisa, Futa, Mommy, Sakura, Scarlett, Slave, Mistress, Yashiro, etc. Apart from this purpose, you can use this platform to make chatbots for customer support, send automated messages, and more. Plus, there are more than 2,000 premade chatbots available, including both regular and special NSFW character ones.

Features Of Botmake:

  • Creation: No-code chatbot creation tool.
  • Customization: Customize the look and feel of their chatbot.
  • Autocomplete: Smart auto-complete suggestions are provided while typing to the chatbot.
  • Integration: Discord integration is supported by
  • Sexter Settings: NSFW (Not Safe for Work) settings are available for creating adult chatbots, although it’s not the tool’s main purpose.
  • Free And Paid Plans: The platform offers 300 messages and access to a wide range of chat bots for free. To access advanced features, you need to go with premium.
Try Botmake

20. Only NSFW AI – Pro AI Sexting And NSFW Image Generator

Only NSFW AI - Pro AI Sexting And NSFW Image Generator

OnlyNSFW AI is an AI NSFW image generator and chatbot platform that opens the doors to satisfying adult entertainment. This tool will definitely satisfy your dreams, needs, and lusty desires. The platform utilizes advanced deep learning models to create NSFW images and accurate emotional, conscious, and pleasurable responses by learning from a vast dataset of adult-oriented images and chats.

Features Of OnlyNSFW.AI:

  • NSFW Chatbots: Engage in conversations with AI characters, such as Queen Naesala, Kiera, and Flavia the Slave Majordomo, each with their own unique stories and preferences.
  • NSFW AI Image Generator: Create NSFW images based on your preferences using custom prompts or the drag-and-drop option, allowing you to select attributes like ethnicity, age, body type, gender, and more.
  • Public Gallery: Explore and download NSFW images from the public gallery, featuring filters for sorting by top, trending, and new creations. Toggle the NSFW filter on or off based on your preferences.
  • Discord Community: Share your feedback, discuss topics, and connect with others in the NSFW AI Discord community.
  • Live Mode and NSFW Toggle: Customize your browsing experience with live mode and NSFW on/off options.
  • Two-Generation Methods: Choose between using custom prompts or drag-and-drop options to create images that suit your desires.

21. Joi AI Girlfriend – Your Personalized GF

Joi AI Girlfriend - Your Personalized GF

Joi AI, also known as JoiAIGirlfriend, is an unrestricted Telegram chatbot that offers sexy AI conversations and companionship. With its ability to understand desires, indulge in fantasies, and provide an immersive user journey, AI Joi Chatbot represents a leap in virtual GF chatbot, blurring the line between human and AI interaction.

Features Of Joi AI Girlfriend:

  • Talk On Any Topic: Joi AI Bot supports both SFW and NSFW topics, allowing you to talk on any topic.
  • Secure Companionship: AI Joi Chatbot ensures your privacy while exploring new dimensions of digital companionship. It operates within Telegram, a platform known for its end-to-end encryption, safeguarding your discussions and providing a secure environment for intimate conversations.
  • Voice Support: AI Voice Joi supports both text and voice input and output support.
  • 24/7 Availability: Joi AI is always available for you on Telegram, making it an always-ready conversational companion.
  • NSFW Image Generator: The AI Sexting bot can even send you N*de images of men and women.
Try JoiAIGirlfriend

22. Janitor AI – Best AI Sexting App and Characters

Janitor AI - Best AI Sexting Bot and Characters

Janitor AI is a popular Sexting AI platform where you can have interactive conversations with virtual characters. It’s really cool because you can choose from different anime-style characters as well as realistic human-like characters to talk to. The website goes beyond regular chatbots and even has some content for adults (unrestricted bot), like discussions about mature topics.

Features Of JanitorAI:

  • Unrestricted Content: Unlike other models, JanitorAI is not subject to censorship, enabling more open and diverse conversations.
  • Character Development: Users can create custom characters to chat with, including NSFW conversations, fostering a unique and personalized experience.
  • Real-Time Updates: Chats and message counts are updated for accurate tracking and monitoring.
  • Diverse Character Styles: JanitorAI offers a wide range of character styles, including anime-inspired designs and human-like avatars.
  • Other features include community for interaction, jailbreak, data security, accurate experience, and more.
Try JanitorAI

23. GirlfriendGPT – Satisfying AI companion for everyone

Girlfriend GPT - Satisfying AI companion for everyone

GirlfriendGPT is an AI companion platform with a chatroom filled with over 1000+ custom-made AI models. It’s not your usual companion service; it’s like a big world of virtual friends that you can use for free. They have AI girlfriends, AI boyfriends, and even fantasy characters. You can make these AI friends have different personalities, like being in a flirty talk, naughty mood, etc.

In the chatroom, you can talk to these different characters without being restricted and even make your own characters with their own looks and personalities. Girlfriend GPT also shares selfies of AI friends to make the experience more real.

Features Of Girlfriend GPT:

  • Wide Range Of NSFW Characters: 30+ categories of SFW and NSFW AI companion types from famous, real celebrities and other people, fictional to anime, robots, elves, etc.
  • AI-Generated Selfies: One of the unique features of GirlfriendGPT is its ability to generate AI selfies, adding a touch of authenticity to virtual interactions.
  • AI Voice Message: You can talk with your girlfriend or boyfriend using voice messages too. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is.
  • Free And Paid Plan: You can experience this Sexting AI platform for free. But you need to buy a premium plan for advanced features and more control.
  • Fetish Generator: You can generate fetish also using this tool. This feature is new so you may find bugs.
  • Create And Customize: You can create and customize your girlfriend and boyfriend and make them Sexting AI Bot as per your specific need.
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24. Intimate AI – Best for realistic unfiltered roleplay

intimate app free ai sex chat

Intimate AI introduces a new level of AI interaction by offering lifelike AI Sexting with realistic like characters. With the Intimate App, users can connect with AI Girlfriends, AI Boyfriends, Or Just AI Friends who display unique personalities, emotional intelligence, and adaptive learning. It is one of the best alternatives to Replika and Character AI.

It allows fully unfiltered NSFW conversations and sexting roleplay, which feels very satisfying because of its advanced AI Chat model. There are loads of realistic and anime characters to chat with and you can chat with the AI characters on your phone by downloading the app on iOS or Android.

Features Of IntimateAI:

  • Unique Sexting AI Companions: Intimate AI provides a wide range of AI characters that serve as companions or girlfriends. These AI sexting partners adapt to user desires, offering a tailored experience that understands and supports users without judgment.
  • No Censorship: You can talk on any topic. This platform supports the freedom to talk on any topic without any fear of getting suspended or restrictions.
  • Free Plan: The app offers both free and paid plans. You can try and enjoy it for free.
  • Privacy and Security: The Intimate App prioritizes user privacy and security. Chats are encrypted, ensuring a secure environment for users to express themselves freely.
  • Adaptive Learning: As users engage in conversations with AI companions, the AI adapts and learns from these interactions, continuously improving its responses and understanding of the user’s preferences.
  • 24/7 Support Available: Facing any problem? You can contact the IntimateAI team anytime. They are available to help you 24/7.
  • Best NSFW AI Sex Chat Model: Intimate has the most modern 13b parameter model available for all free users which already enables exciting sexting conversations with the AI characters, but if that’s not enough for you they have an enhanced sexting AI mode which has a 20b parameter model for incredibly descriptive AI Sexting.
  • Multi-Platform Support: No need to visit the website again and again. Just download their app and use it like you use Instagram and YouTube. Intimate App is available on both Google Play and App Store.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we do sexting with AI?

Yes, you can do sexting with AI, and there are so many sexting AI apps and websites available. Some of the best, according to our experience, are Janitor AI, GirlfriendGPT, Crush On AI, Muah AI, Nastia AI, Spicy Chat, etc.

Is there an AI that I can talk dirty to?

Yes, there are many AIs you can use to talk dirty as well as on many other personal topics. Some of them are Venus Chub AI, Charstar AI, NSFW Character AI, Only NSFW AI, Kajiwoto, Kupid AI, Joi AI Girlfriend, Candy AI, etc.

Which AI chat website has no filter?

The AI chat websites without filters are Janitor AI, Girlfriend GPT, Spicy Chat, Dream GF Ai, Crush Chat App, HiWaifu, Botmake, Roleplai, Flirtflix AI, and Harpy Chat.

What are the best free sexting AI apps?

The best free AI sexting apps are Girlfriend GPT, Spicy Chat, Nastia AI, Crush Chat App, Kupid AI, Flirtflix AI, Botmake, and Harpy Chat. All these free Sext AI tools have limitations in free plans.

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