Proton Has Launched Anonymous Google Docs Alternative

Proton Docs bears a strong resemblance to Google Docs, with its white pages, formatting toolbar at the top, and live indicators displaying the presence of collaborators. This similarity is not unexpected for a few reasons.

Firstly, Google Docs is widely used, and there are limited options for designing a document editor. Secondly, Proton Docs aims to encompass the positive aspects of Google Docs without the involvement of Google.

Proton Has Launched Anonymous Google Docs Alternative

Today, Proton is launching Docs as the newest addition to its privacy-focused suite of work tools within Proton Drive. Originally known as an email client, the company has expanded to include a calendar, file storage system, password manager, and more.

The addition of Docs aligns with Proton’s goal to compete with Microsoft Office and Google Workspace, especially following its acquisition of Standard Notes in April.

However, Proton’s PR manager, Will Moore, reassures that Standard Notes will still be available, as Docs is simply incorporating certain features from it.

The initial release of Proton Docs appears to include typical features found in a document editor such as rich text options, real-time collaborative editing, and multimedia support.

If Proton can improve image embedding compared to Google, it could become a popular choice. Currently, it is only available on the web and optimized for desktops, but according to Moore, it will eventually be available on other platforms. He mentioned that everything Google offers is part of their future plans.

Given that this is a Proton product, security is of utmost importance: the company ensures that all documents, keystrokes, and even cursor movements are encrypted in real-time from end to end.

Proton has consistently committed to never selling or exploiting user data, a promise that may resonate with a larger audience at a time when there are increasing concerns about the use of personal documents and information to train AI models. (It’s worth noting that Google also claims not to use your content to train its models.)

Proton is among the companies attempting to provide privacy-centric options to Google and Microsoft, but none have yet posed a significant challenge to the dominance of these companies.

However, Proton’s products have shown significant improvement in recent years, bringing it closer to offering a comprehensive alternative for some users. (One notable absence? Spreadsheets. Challenging Excel’s position will be a tough task for Proton.)

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