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Blockchain Dev Loses $48K After Posting Key on Github

A blockchain developer recently shared a regrettable experience of losing funds due to accidentally making his wallet keys publicly accessible on the developer platform GitHub.

Brian Guan, co-founder of the Web3 streaming app Unlonely, disclosed on X recently that he lost $48,000 after making a repository on GitHub public. He admitted to forgetting that his secret keys were included in the repository.

Blockchain Dev Loses $48K After Posting Key on Github

The Web3 founder stated that it only took two minutes for someone to withdraw the funds when a community member asked about the duration it took for the funds to be drained.

After Guan’s post gained widespread attention on X, the crypto community had a varied response.

Some members showed empathy towards the developer and extended their support, while others brought up Guan’s previous remarks about developers utilizing OpenAI’s chatbot, ChatGPT, for coding.

One community member shared a similar experience and expressed apologies, hoping for Guan’s recovery. However, there were also less supportive reactions from other community members.

In 2023, Guan expressed his views on smart contract engineers. He believes that projects offering $200,000 to smart contract engineers are unlikely to succeed, abbreviated as “ngmi” or “not gonna make it.” The founder of Web3 stated that any proficient developer should be capable of writing solidity code with the assistance of ChatGPT.

Web3 Dev Loses $48K After Posting Key on Github

Due to this, a community member named Foobar shared a spoof of Guan’s earlier post, suggesting that if someone is spending $200 on a hardware wallet, they won’t succeed and that developers should have the ability to securely store private keys in their GitHub using ChatGPT.

Another user expressed sympathy for the situation but criticized Guan’s views on developers as being indicative of “Gen Z entitlement.”

Although using ChatGPT for coding may be a topic of debate, a memecoin developed with the help of the AI chatbot has achieved significant success in the cryptocurrency market.

On May 28, the price of a memecoin named Turbo surged to an all-time high, leading to a market capitalization exceeding $600 million.

In April 2023, digital artist Rhett Mankind utilized ChatGPT to create the memecoin, guiding the AI with prompts to craft what he referred to as “the next great” memecoin.

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