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OpenAI Releases New Library for .NET

Microsoft has announced the release of an official OpenAI library for .NET developers. This library fully supports the OpenAI API and OpenAI’s newest flagship model, GPT-4o, which has the ability to process audio, vision, and text in real time.

OpenAI Releases New Library for .NET

The OpenAI .NET API library was announced on June 6 and is now available in a first beta version, accessible from NuGet.

As a result of the collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAI, the OpenAI .NET API library allows synchronous and asynchronous access to the OpenAI REST API from .NET applications.

It offers features such as Assistants v2, which allows for the creation of AI assistants within applications, and Chat Completions, which takes a list of messages as input and returns a model message.

The library also provides extensibility for the community to build additional libraries on top and access streaming completions via IAsyncEnumerable.

The .NET API library from OpenAI is maintained on GitHub and will be regularly updated to include the newest features, according to Microsoft.

Over the next few months, efforts will be made to collect feedback, enhance the library, and provide a reliable NuGet package.

The .NET API library from OpenAI is suitable for use in .NET Standard 2.0 applications, although certain code examples in the library documentation may rely on more recent language features. Developers will require an API key to access the OpenAI REST API.

In the previous month, Microsoft revealed plans to increase the AI ecosystem for .NET developers. The focus on AI involved complete scenarios for creating AI-powered applications, adopting the AI ecosystem, and incorporating cloud services.

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