NBC To Show Olympics Recaps With AI Generated AL Michaels Voice

NBCUniversal, a major US media company, has revealed its plan to utilize an AI-powered version of a renowned sports commentator (AL Michaels) to provide customized daily summaries of Olympic events.

The narration, voiced by Hall of Fame announcer Al Michaels using artificial intelligence, will be tailored to individual viewers of NBC’s Peacock streaming service.

NBC To Show Olympics Recaps With AI Generated AL Michaels Voice

Michaels, a well-known broadcaster with experience covering nine Olympic Games for NBC Sports and ABC Sports, expressed initial skepticism but also curiosity when approached about the project.

After witnessing a presentation outlining their plans, I enthusiastically agreed, saying, “Count me in.”

The company stated that the AI was trained using Michaels’ voice and his previous appearances on NBC broadcasts.

Kelly Campbell, president of Peacock, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are merging the world of sports with cutting-edge technology to provide fans with a unique and personalized Olympics experience like never before.”

This partnership with Michaels comes at a time when individuals in creative industries are working to protect their intellectual property rights, ensuring that AI models are not trained using their likeness or voice without consent.

During the Olympic Games in Paris, NBCUniversal anticipates that nearly 7 million unique personalized versions of the daily Olympic recap will be available for streaming across the United States.

Utilizing NBC Sports clips, the technology will compile daily playlists highlighting the top moments from the previous 24 hours and providing a glimpse of what to expect in the day ahead.

The content will undergo a thorough review by a team of NBCUniversal editors to ensure accuracy and quality.

NBC and Peacock are set to deliver live coverage of the Olympic Games, commencing with the opening ceremony on July 26th.

You can check the demo video here

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