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Microsoft Releases A New Copilot Telegram Bot

A new Copilot Telegram bot has been recently launched by Microsoft, enabling users to interact with an AI assistant for tasks such as searching, chatting, and asking questions.

Microsoft Releases New Copilot Telegram Bot

At the moment, Copilot Telegram Bot is in its beta stage and is providing its services for free to users on mobile or desktop. It specifically focuses on text-based interactions.

Using the Copilot Telegram bot is easy. To get started, users can access it through the Telegram desktop and mobile app, or via the Telegram web interface.

Another option is to search for Copilot by typing @CopilotOfficialBot in the Telegram search bar. Once found, the bot will ask users to enter their Telegram phone number to establish a connection.

When starting the bot, it will ask users to share their Telegram phone numbers for connection purposes.

Microsoft has emphasized the Copilot Chatbot’s capability to provide thorough answers, including brief information and detailed research supported by Bing Search. Moreover, it can help with itinerary planning, give fitness advice, share entertainment news, and more.

Copilot generates content by analyzing language patterns found on the internet. Therefore, its responses might sometimes bear resemblance to content already available online or produce similar responses for users providing similar prompts.

The latest trend is integrating AI into messaging platforms. Meta has introduced Meta AI to the search bars of WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. Google followed suit with Gemini in Google Messages.

Telegram users can interact with ChatGPT bots, although OpenAI has not released an official version for the platform. Additionally, Snapchat users can utilize ChatGPT through its integrated AI bot.

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