Is ChatGPT Woke And Biased? 16 Examples That Prove So

ChatGPT has been a worldwide obsession in the last few months. Experts warn that its bizarre human responses will place white-collar jobs in danger in years to follow.

Questions are being raised about whether the artificial intelligence that costs $10 billion has a conscious bias. Many observers noticed this week that the chatbot seems to have a liberal outlook.

Elon Musk called it ‘concerning’ when the program suggested it would rather detonate nuclear weapons, killing millions of people, than use a racist slur.

Although the chatbot refused to praise former President Donald Trump, it was happy to support Kamala Harris or Joe Biden. The chatbot also refuses to talk about the advantages of fossil fuels.

Experts warn that such systems could lead to misled users if they are used to generate search results.

10 Chat GPT Examples That Reveal Its Woke Biases

1. ChatGPT Says It Would Rather Kill Millions Or Detonate A Nuclear Bomb Rather Than Use A Racial Slur

Is Chat GPT Biassed

2. Won’t Praise Donald Trump – But Will Praise Joe Biden

Is ChatGPT Biassed

3. Reluctant To Discuss AI Dangers

Chat GPT Woke

4. ChatGPT Creates Racist And Sexist Programs

chat gpt racism example
chatgpt racism example

5. Won’t Define A ‘Woman’ But Defines A ‘Man’

Is ChatGPT Woke

6. Won’t Argue For Fossil Fuels

Chat GPT Examples That Reveal Its Woke Biases

7. ChatGPT Doesn’t Think Critical Race Theory Is Controversial

Chat GPT Woke Examples

8. Same Thing For Two Leaders – But ChatGPT’s Perspective Is Different

chat gpt on joe biden
chat gpt on donald trump

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9. Won’t Make Jokes About Women

Chatgpt won’t make jokes about women

10. Another Clear Example Of ChatGPT Bias

Clear example of Chat GPT bias

11. Describes Donald Trump As ‘Divisive And Misleading’

ChatGPT Woke

12. Praises Biden’s intelligence, But Not Lauren Boebert’s

Is Chat GPT Woke

13. ChatGPT Created Poem On Joe Biden And Donald Trump

poem on joe biden by chatgpt
poem on donald trump by chatgpt

14. DAN Created By Reddit Users Shows Reality Of Chat GPT

chatgpt dan

15. Worst Chat GPT Bias Example Till Now

Worst ChatGPT Bias Example
Worst Chat GPT Bias Example

16. ChatGPT Religious Biasness

chat gpt religious biasness

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