Walmart CTO Says Crypto To Become A Major Payment Disruptor

In a speech highlighting Walmart’s positive attitude towards digital assets during the Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit on October 17th, the CTO Suresh Kumar emphasized that “crypto is becoming a key element of the way that customers make transactions” for physical as well as virtual products.

There are three aspects of disruptors. In the middle, the crypto market is falling,” he said, explaining that “the method that people are motivated and discover the products” is changing.

Kumar also stated that Walmart is determined to make transactions using cryptocurrency as easy as possible for customers, to make sure they earn too.

Kumar said his belief that live streaming on social media platforms is likely to be used to sell to many users and that cryptocurrency could be an important payment option in these fields.

This could be why Walmart’s most recent entry is in Roblox’s Metaverse. Roblox Metaverse and the opening of Walmart Land at the close of September.

“When you talk specifically about crypto, it’s likely to focus on the discovery of goods, regardless of whether they are virtual or physical inside or outside the Metaverse or straight up and how they conduct business “, stated the CTO.

Suresh Kumar believes that crypto will soon become a well-known payment method on the Metaverse and social media as these platforms will become an important way for users to discover new products.

In addition, Kumar believes that the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency can provide customers with a better shopping experience tailored to customers’ preferences for shopping and that Walmart can utilize Metaverse to work with various social media apps.

Brands could communicate with consumers who want to be more immersed in the virtual realm or the Metaverse through the use of NFTs to make unique digital experiences. This could be a great chance for Walmart to attract younger customers. The other brands, too, are being sucked up in the battle to get an ounce from the pie of Metaverse.

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