IBM Makes The Best Quantum Computer Free For Public Use

IBM and researchers from UC Berkeley have achieved a major breakthrough showing the potential of quantum computers to surpass classical ones in practical tasks. Now, IBM is doing something never done before by making their 127-qubit quantum computer available to the public through IBM Cloud.

IBM Allows People To Use Quantum Computer For Free

To use this supercomputer, visit here. The software development kit (SDK) is currently in beta.

IBM’s researchers carefully measured the noise in each qubit and predicted how the system would behave without noise interference. They successfully performed calculations using all 127 qubits of the Eagle processor, marking the largest experiment of its kind.

A recent publication in Nature highlighted the practicality of quantum computers, emphasizing the need for 100+ qubits. IBM recognizes the importance of equal access to these capabilities for all users, clients, and partner institutions in the IBM Quantum community.

Since 2017, IBM Research has provided an open-source SDK called Qiskit for quantum development. Researchers have been using IBM’s quantum computers through this platform.

Excitingly, IBM plans to release its most powerful quantum processor, the 1,121-qubit Condor chip, later this year. They are also working on utility-scale processors with up to 4,158 qubits in development.

Quantum Brilliance, a company specializing in room-temperature quantum computing solutions, has released the Qristal SDK in another exciting development. This open-source development kit works with popular programming languages like C++ and Python, as well as NVIDIA CUDA, expanding the possibilities in quantum programming.

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