Canva Announces New AI Powered Design Tools

Canva, the web-based design platform, has unveiled a vast array of new brand management products and design tools that utilize AI to simplify the content creation process for entire workplaces. The announcement was made at Canva’s Create event.

Most of the newly added features are tailored towards enabling individuals without professional design experience to easily create content such as social media graphics, advertising materials, and presentations. Doing so eases the burden on graphic designers, allowing them to focus on more pressing tasks. With a considerable number of new features, Canva’s offering could challenge Adobe’s dominance in some offices.

1. Magic Design: Turn an image into a completely personalized design template.

AI Magic Design By Canva
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2. AI Magic Eraser: Remove elements from an image.

New AI Magic Eraser Tool By Canva
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3. Magic Edit: Replace an element with an AI-generated image

New AI Magic Edit By Canva
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4. Magic Presentations: Generate a slide deck from a prompt

New AI Magic Presentations By Canva
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5. Magic Write: Now available in every document format and in 18 languages

Expansion of AI Magic Write By Canva
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6. Better Text to Image: 68% faster generations, higher resolutions

Better Text to Image By Canva
by u/vadhavaniyafaijan in TheInsaneApp

Given the scale of this update, it’s understandable if you need further information on these features, which can be found on the Canva website. With a vast range of new features to explore, there is a lot to take in.

Canva already markets itself as an “all-in-one” creation tool, and it’s difficult to disagree with this claim, particularly as it is incredibly user-friendly for everyday graphic design projects compared to more specialized professional platforms.

While there are several web-based design services that offer comparable experiences, Canva is undoubtedly the industry’s titan. The company boasts over 110 million monthly users, a surge of 30 million since the launch of its Visual Worksuite in September last year.

In response to Canva’s growing popularity, Adobe has announced new integrations and AI features for Adobe Express, seemingly aiming to outdo Canva in terms of accessibility. However, it may need to do more to compete.

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