Google Software Engineer Creates Gita GPT

Sukuru Sai Vineet, A Google India Software Engineer, created Gita GPT. This GPT-3-powered program uses the Bhagavad Gita to provide answers to your life’s problems.

Gita GPT has the unique ability to personalize Bhagavad Gita lectures to meet specific user needs. Chatbots can provide relevant scripture verses and ideas for how to apply them in one’s daily life. For example, when a user asks about inner peace, Gita GPT offers advice for specific situations, such as dealing with grief and discovering your purpose.

Examples Of GitaGPT:

1. What Is Money?

Reply from Gita GPT: “O Arjuna, money is a temporal materialistic pleasure, whereas the real joy lies in the eternal satisfaction of the soul. Focusing on the impermanent will never bring contentment, thus having faith in the divine will bring peace and prosperity.”

2. Should I Leave My Job?

Reply from Gita GPT: My beloved Arjun, although financial stability is an important aspect of life, your true wisdom lies in understanding what really brings joy and contentment. Money may seem like a necessary evil, however, it should never be your primary source of joy or satisfaction. If your job is making you unhappy and it is not in line with your highest values, then the greatest victory is in finding the courage to let go. Seek comfort and meaning in the understanding that there is a higher purpose for all of your experiences. You will gain strength and power in making choices that reflect your authentic self. Remember, true liberation lies in your faith in yourself and the divine.

Other Similar Tools And Websites Like Gita GPT:

BhagavadGita.AI – This tool allows users to “ask Krishna” for guidance on any trouble they might be facing.

Krishn.AI – It’s a text-based chatting app that allows users to connect with Lord Krishna and get answers from Lord Krishna’s perspective. – It’s a chatbot that can change how you communicate with people. It uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology. Gita GPT lets you gain insight and clarity in your decisions through a simple, engaging interface.


How To Get Answers From Gita GPT?

It’s easy and simple. Visit this website, enter the question you are having trouble answering, and click submit. You would receive the relevant verse from Bhagavad Gita and an explanation to solve that specific problem.

What Are Other Similar Tools Like GitaGPT?

The Other Similar Tools and Websites Like GitaGPT are BhagavadGita.AI, Krishn.AI and Gitagpt.In.

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