China’s GitHub Clone Making 15 Million Repos Private For Forceful Review

Gitee, an alternative to GitHub, Specifically made for and somehow accessible only for China, has warned users that it will make all existing repositories private pending a mysterious review of their content.

Gitee is publishing news of its code review requirements on a platform named Zhihu, a Q&A platform similar to Quora.

Recently, The company has published a post on Zhihu that states All newly launched open source warehouses need to be manually reviewed before they can be officially released. The existing warehouses will be made private, then restored to public status after review.

The posts also states that Gitee is adding resources to ensure minimal inconvenience for users and is frustrated by the need to do so. But the post is silent on why Gitee has enforced code reviews.

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According to the opinions of tech community, there are two theories for Gitee’s forceful code review.

One is that Beijing is worried that sensitive tech has made it into the public domain, so must be retrieved.

The other is that developers have used Gitee to post content that would be easily noticeable – and censored – on social media – but may have gone unnoticed as code comments or inside other files on Gitee.

What do you think about this? Please share your views about this decision by Gitee. We will surely update this story whenever the company releases any further steps on this.

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