VideoPoet by Google

VideoPoet by Google Research is a video generation tool that helps in creating large, compelling, and high-quality motion sequences. It transforms various media elements like images, videos, and audio clips into a unified vocabulary of discrete codes using components like MAGVIT V2 video tokenizer and SoundStream audio tokenizer. These codes are linked with text-based language models, enabling integration with text.

The tool’s autoregressive language model learns across multiple modalities to predict the next video or audio token. VideoPoet incorporates multimodal generative learning objectives such as text-to-video, text-to-image, image-to-video, video frame continuation, video inpainting and outpainting, video stylization, and video-to-audio. It supports square and portrait video orientations for short-form content and can generate audio from video inputs.

VideoPoet by Google
AI Tool Name:VideoPoet by Google
Category:Best AI Video Generator Tools
Features:AI Video generator, Transforms images, videos, audio into discrete codes, etc.
Cost:No Pricing

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