Tolgee AI Translator

Tolgee AI Translator is an open-source localization platform that simplifies translation for developers. It integrates easily into projects, and unlike traditional machine translators, it considers the context of the app’s strings, providing more accurate results. To utilize its context-aware translation, developers should use Tolgee SDKs for various frameworks like React, Angular, Vue.js, Svelte, or plain JavaScript. By adding keys to the in-context editor, all texts are automatically translated, allowing for a seamless localized app deployment.

Tolgee AI Translator
AI Tool Name:Tolgee AI Translator
Category:Best AI Transcription Tools
Features:Open-source localization platform, Simplifies translation for developers, Integration into projects, Context-aware translation, Tolgee SDKs for multiple frameworks, etc.
Cost:Free + from €84/mo

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