SupaSQL Review: SupaSQL is a tool that transfigures the way SQL queries are created. It acts as a easy to use copilot, warranting users to lightly formulate SQL queries using natural language descriptions. SupaSQL supports various databases, with potential for future expansion, and easily integrates with well-known platforms like Slack, Notion, Retool, and Data Studio.

AI Tool Name:SupaSQL
Category:Best AI SQL Tools
Features:Natural Language Query Generation, Advanced Query Models, etc
Cost:Contact for Pricing
SupaSQL Free Alternative:EverSQL

SupaSQL Demo Video

YouTube video

Best SupaSQL Alternatives

  • EverSQL
  • SQL Genius
  • Text2SQL
  • Dbsensei
  • Al Query
  • Blaze SQL
  • LogicLoop AI SQL
  • Ai2sql

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