Supa Doc

Supa Doc is a machine learning-driven SaaS tool for system engineers that automates document creation using GPT4. It generates Marketing Plans, Software System Specifications, Function Design Specifications, Business Plans, and Business Test Cases based on user input.

The tool supports multiple languages, including English and Chinese, and is backed by a low-code development platform. Its objective is to simplify document creation, ensuring accuracy and saving time. Supa Doc offers various pricing plans, from pay-as-you-go to monthly subscriptions, with the ability to upgrade or downgrade as needed.

The platform prioritizes security with advanced encryption and data protection measures. Customer support is available for all plans, with premium support for monthly subscribers. Future updates include AI translations, automated marketing copywriting, and event planning features.

Supa Doc
AI Tool Name:Supa Doc
Category:Best AI Writing Tools
Features:Generates Marketing Plans, Specifications, Business Plans, Test Cases, Supports multiple languages (English, Chinese), etc.
Cost:From $4

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