Pod Genie

Pod Genie Review: Pod Genie is a tool that license you to create customized podcasts from RSS feeds. It recommends features such as AI updates, indie hacking tips, global news, and financial insights. Also, Pod Genie provides newsletters accompanying each episode and gives you control over scheduling, hosts, and content sources for your personalized podcast.

Pod Genie
AI Tool Name:Pod Genie
Category:Best AI Text To Speech Tools
Features:AI Roundup, Indie Hacking, etc
Cost:No Free Plan; Paid Plans Starts From $10 Monthly
Pod Genie Free Alternative:Magicast.ai

Best Pod Genie Alternatives

  • PodPilot
  • Podsqueeze
  • Podchat
  • Podpulse
  • Magicast.ai
  • PodScribe
  • Podbrews
  • Podcastle

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