Outerbase Review: Outerbase is a full database interface that allows users to explore and collaborate on data effortlessly without writing SQL code. The tool offers an intuitive UI, supports SQL query blocks, enables query sharing, and seamlessly works with popular databases. It make use of AI technology to generate visually appealing charts and dashboards.

Outerbase is suitable for data analysts, business users, teams collaborating on data projects, and presenters seeking data-driven insights.

AI Tool Name:Outerbase
Category:Best AI SQL Tools
Features:Intuitive UI, SQL Query Blocks, etc
Cost:Free And Paid Plans; Pricing For Paid Plans Start From $50 Monthly
Outerbase Free Alternative:Parse

Best Outerbase Alternatives

  • DataDistillr
  • Parse
  • Dbsensei
  • InsightBase
  • DataLang
  • Rawquery
  • DB Pilot
  • SQL Genius

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