GoSearch is an enterprise search and resource discovery tool driven by artificial intelligence. Focused on enhancing information retrieval and data discovery for businesses, it offers unified search capabilities across various cloud applications. The tool swiftly locates internal information, managing documents, notes, tasks, files, and personnel. Notable features include rapid search results, AI-generated answers, and the ability to distill findings into concise summaries.

GoSearch utilizes generative AI for recommendations and features GoAI, an interactive chat assistant for personalized suggestions. Additionally, it supports queries through image uploads and URLs, broadening the scope of search contexts. The tool allows the creation of tailored enterprise GPTs and integrates with over 100 apps and data connectors. GoSearch prioritizes data security with built-in measures such as Bring Your Own LLM API Key and Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) framework to maintain privacy and control access.

AI Tool Name:GoSearch
Category:Best AI Search Tools
Features:Rapid search results, AI-generated answers, Ability to distill findings into concise summaries, etc.
Cost: No Pricing

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