Freed’s AI Scribe is an AI tool created for clinicians, significantly reducing documentation time by up to 95%. Key features include instant after-visit summaries, generated SOAP notes based on medical guidelines, and a self-learning capability that adapts to your style and format over time.

The tool simplifies transcription by extracting and structuring medically relevant information, eliminating the need for scribe training. With a focus on reducing burnout, Freed allows clinicians to delegate administrative work to AI, enabling them to prioritize patient care.

The tool prioritizes privacy, adhering to HIPAA compliance and industry best practices, ensuring secure handling of patient information. Developed by individuals connected to the clinical field, Freed aims to free clinicians from weekend charting responsibilities.

AI Tool Name:Freed
Category:Best AI Transcription Tools
Features:After Visit Summary, SOAP Note, etc
Cost:Free Trial Paid plans start from $99/mo

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