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In the past, making nude images involved manual effort or basic Photoshop skills. The modern deepfake technology allows for highly realistic nude images using artificial intelligence (AI).

Various platforms and websites now offer easy-to-use AI tools for creating custom deepfake nudes. You might have a question that there are so many AI websites dedicated to creating AI noblur deepnude pics but very few of them are free. In this article, we’ll share one such platform with you.

What Is N8ked.App?

Free Naked AI App is an AI-powered deep nude generator that allows users to upload images and instantly generate nude versions of them.

Users can upload photos and apply the AI to undress subjects, with no limitations like others on the free plan without needing to pay any penny.

The n8ked app offers a sleek interface with tools like the “Generate DeepNude” button, which removes clothing from uploaded photos using AI.

The basic plan is free, letting users try it on any pic without any limitations like blurred images, a limited number of free trials, etc. It offers better results with front-facing and bikini photos.

There are options to remove watermarks, increase generation speed, and access more features through paid plans, including a monthly subscription or a one-time fee.

Features Of This AI Deepnude Generator

  • AI Naked App
  • Free Plan
  • Fast Generation
  • High Resolution Images
  • Easy To Use
  • Amazing Accuracy
  • No Watermarks
  • API for Developers
  • Affordable Pricing
  • 24/7 Support
  • And More.

Demo Of This Free AI Naked App

Demo Image 1

Demo Image 2

Demo Image 3

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