Common Mobile App Testing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

In this age and time, having mobile phones or devices is a common thing. People use their phones to get things done – order or book goods and services, store vital information, and play games for leisure. One can easily say that mobile phones and apps will stay in this generation and future generations.

The diversity and uniqueness of every mobile application presents a new challenge to various developers. Moreover, ensuring the quality of services and computing techniques are two things that need enough and equal attention.

Common Mobile App Testing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Mobile app testing services are available, which can help these developers create novel designs and codes that can help both the company and the user experience a new application in their daily grind fully.

Overlooking such needs to improve will compromise the companies’ ability to prosper and be known for a long period of time.

The question now is, “Will you be able to handle it if all mobile applications cease to exist?”. Few might answer YES, but to some, it can be stressful to deal with all the transactions done using mobile applications.

Here are some common mobile app testing challenges and how to overcome them:

Rising Number Of Mobile Phones Globally

Statistically, 1.38 billion smartphones are sold globally and this will continue to rise in the following years. With this number itself as the basis, it can be said that the number of users rises every day, making all applications work simultaneously in different areas and time zones.

Yes, it might be a good thing that people are now choosing a much more convenient lifestyle where all things can be done and accessed via mobile applications.

Each app has been created to be compatible with all mobile phone variants. However, this very reason creates a new challenge for the developers and testing team.

It is very important to partner with a team that can manage such demand and will be able to provide enough services without compromising the needs of the users.

Common Mobile App Testing Challenges and Solutions

Device Fragmentations – Smartphones and Other Devices

As mentioned above, the increasing number of devices created a challenge for all developers because fragmenting each device and which applications they install is a stressful job.

Compatibility issues might occur, or a series of testing errors during launching can happen. Yes, all these applications are compatible with most operations systems – Android, iOS, Windows, and others.

But, the number of devices advances to a much higher scale, making it hard to fragment the numbers, which resulted in various mobile app testing issues.

This problem can be solved by partnering with a company or a team that uses cloud-based mobile app testing solutions. This testing solution or interface makes it easier for the checker or the tester to upload the application with just one click.

Test the application in the iOS simulator and Andriod emulators. Trust the cloud system to monitor the application and to provide speedy deliveries or other services.

Varying Screen Sizes

This might sound simple or out-of-the-topic, but varying screen sizes is also one problem that we need to consider. Companies worldwide create smartphones in various sizes to accommodate what the consumer wants.

Each size has its own unique resolutions, which requires an application to include this issue during the design process. There is a requirement that each app being developed must create variations to accommodate each smartphone size available in the market.

Bear in mind that each size affects how the application functions and how it appears on the screen. By far, it’s one of the problems that can blow up the minds of the developers as to how to accommodate such phone size in the application itself.

One might consider resizing the app and doing phone testing before getting the public involved with the application.

Common Mobile App Testing Problems and Solutions

Types of Mobile Applications

Mobile application development and product updates help in promoting the developer’s services which greatly impacts the profit and other things that make the company or app run for a long period of time.

It is ideal to know that there are types of mobile applications that can help in the overall design of the app, making it more acceptable to the users.

Native Applications

These are applications that are created to function just on one operating system. For example, an application created and designed for iOS does not work on Android devices. The same situation happens for all apps created for just Andriod devices.

Such applications function speedily and have a higher frequency. Mobile app testing ensures that these specific applications can function without compromising the operating system it operates.

Web Applications

These are applications that are embedded in a website and are available for users to use and explore. Web applications are to provide a fast and excellent performance for users to navigate in their web experiences, may it be a game, for school, or work reasons.

The developer and testing team use various testing methods to ensure the quality of these web apps to avoid unnecessary issues in the long run. This is a critical testing approach because it can affect the company if the app functions out of the expected performance.

Hybrid Applications

From the name itself, these applications are available on both the native and the web. Hybrid applications are created for the web but can be compatible with a native one. Such applications can be maintained easily with a short loading time.

Mobile app testing teams are the persons to tap to ensure that app hybrid applications function without compromising the time and effort of the user in downloading it.

Mobile App Testing Team – The Answer To Avoid App Issues

It can be stressful for a company to strive without a good mobile application testing team. It can be said that partnering with a good team is essential to be in the game.

Mobile app challenges exist to create an even better app for everyone to enjoy. Fully engaging in the process of app development might be a challenge, but being able to provide a top-notch service must be the priority.

Of course, knowing which company or testing team to partner with is one important thing to know. Yes, there are various testing team available in the country, and by far, partnering with a set of individuals who knows how these above-mentioned things work is the most ideal to partner with.

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