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Zuckerberg Says Meta Is In A 'Very Tough Competition' With Apple To Build The Metaverse

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Mark Zuckerberg believes that Apple and his company are engaged in a "deep philosophical battle" to create the metaverse.

Meta, a subsidiary of Facebook, will position itself as a more accessible, affordable alternative to Apple, which is expected to launch the first AR headset very soon.

"This is a competition of ideas and concepts which they believe by taking on everything by themselves and interconnecting; they create the best experience for customers."

Zuckerberg has been pushing interoperability as what he believes is the next big chapter in computing following mobile phones.

Although Apple chief executive Tim Cook has been upfront about the company's desire to explore AR as a field, Apple has been in the dark about its hardware plans. 

All indications point to the coming of a premium headset that blurs the immersive experience of VR and AR from Apple, which will overlay the real world.

It's a profound philosophical debate about the direction the internet ought to go into, Zuckerberg added at the end.