During the COVID-19 pandemic, two things experienced explosive growth: Zoom and Chromebooks. The video-calling app will shut down its Chromebook app to make way for better.

The Zoom app for Chromebooks will be shutting down.

The Zoom app for Chromebooks is currently showing a notice that informs users that the app will be shut down in August 2022.

After August 2022, this app will cease to be supported officially. To join ChromeOS meetings, please use Zoom for Chrome PWA.

This app has been available for many years and allows you to access Zoom meetings, but not much else. The app is very limited in most features and has not seen an update in a while.

Why is Zoom's app closing? It's partly due to outdated technology. The older app is a Chrome "traditional" app that hasn't been very relevant in a few years.

Google also announced that in August 2020, it would end support for Chrome apps across all platforms. Support for Windows, Mac, Linux and other platforms ended in June 2021.

Google will also be pulling the plug on Chrome OS apps in June 2022. All existing apps will become private and not listed in the Chrome Web Store.

Zoom's official support has ended, so, understandably, Zoom does not provide official support for the app.

Zoom launched a Progressive Web App to Chromebooks in 2021 as an additional motivation. It has been updated several times over the last year.