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YouTube Now Lets Creators Turn Their Existing Videos Into Shorts

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YouTube has been working to make it easier for creators to convert their long videos into shorts,

that are formatted to work with the platform's competitor TikTok by introducing the new "Edit into Shorts" Short" feature to the iOS and Android application. 

Creators can select upto 60 seconds of the video and then import the footage into the Shorts editor from the YouTube application on iOS and Android. 

Then, they can include filters, text, and other videos that were shot using a Shorts camera. They can also pull them from their image library.

In an announcement for the new feature, YouTube says that the completed Short will be linked directly to the video that it was derived from. 

This can make them the perfect promotional tool for creators with more extended content strong incentive to encourage them to dig into as YouTube tests methods of monetization for the feature. 

Additionally, if a person is satisfied with the Shorts made using the tool, they are not required to go to the creator's channel and look for the full video.

As TechCrunch reports, YouTube has added more content to the library of its users by changing its existing videos into Shorts so long as they were shot vertically and were less than 60 seconds in length. 

In April, YouTube said that over 1.5 billion viewers watched Shorts monthly.

YouTube's announcement states that its Edit into a Short tool will "allow you to give a new quality to your old videos."

Although it's unlikely to replace the more traditional editing software for ultimately creating shorts (like when an artist wants to stitch several clips from an existing video),

it might inspire creators to examine their archive and determine whether there's something that could be useful as a Shorts.